Alien Bases Hung Load & Unable Bug Report


Bug: Unable to load Alien Base (AB) missions
Steps: Click on any AB, Mission description screen loads OK, click on ENTER, Loading screen starts, Load hangs. It will not load past this point.

This is for any AB in the game. I have tried all 4 that are in my current game progression.

BUG REPORT: Unalbe to submit BR via F12. THe screen comes up and I can draw on picture etc, but it wont upload the report.

Dang, that should be fixed next update then. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Do you have the latest version of game? There were some updates fixing many bugs.
  2. Maybe it is about missing files? Did you check if reinstalling the game helps? - just backup your saves before that.
  3. Or maybe it is a bug where you have given armour of one class to the other class - I have heard that there can be some problems with that. Maybe try changing that armour to starting values for each class.

How do I check the version of the game?

If I have or want to redownload, can i just use the original link to do it or is there a specific link we need to use?

the original link is still valid for downloading the game on Macs. On windows it gives you the launcher which’ll download the game.

As for the version of the game, that is in the bottom right corner and, AFAIK, it should still be Revision: 32990