This still needs a lot of work... its basically unplayable

the stuttering and glitches make this unplayable. I can’t even aim with my characters… trying to causes the entire game to stutter out. Which makes the game unplayable. That mixed with a really bad system that starts you aiming into the ground fully zoomed in… it’s a bit much.

You guys are honestly putting this game out WAY to early. I would think it needs a minimum of 6 months left in dev. I barely understand what I am doing or what costs what. The UI is almost impossible to understand.

You need to play test this a LOT more. Just bring in gamers to the studio and sit them down and watch them play for a couple hours, you will easily see what I mean. I don’t understand the actual costs of most research or builds, it’s hard to figure out what I need to build vs what I already have vs what is better or worse… Abilities are difficult to understand half the time… the game just needs A LOT of polish, UI work and optimizing.


while i agree some tooltips are needed for some abilities, i can’t agree with the rest as i haven’t encountered any of your issues.

For me stuttering is a computer issue more than a game issue, are you sure you run a powerfull enough pc? some modern ddr 4 ram, an ssd drive? The game is “relatively” demanding compared to other xcom games.

Ui is… pretty clear, if you can’t figure out by yourself, maybe look tutorial vids, i can’t jusge objectively as i watched devstreams, played earliest builds etc, i can agree that some info aren’t shown in game and most that i just “already knew” either from old version / patchnote or old streams.

I have an ssd and the latest ram. I’m running a 1080ti, it should be more than enough.

As for the UI issues… if you don’t watch dev posts and have infinite time to watch YouTube videos you should still understand the game and what’s better/worse when it comes to equipment.


On one map I get stuttering as well and I’ve got a 2080ti :slight_smile:

Yeah, this game was clearly rushed out, far too many key mechanics just not working at the moment.