Alerted status gives something?

Maybe someone found out what is that “Alerted” status which enemies have? I still wonder what it is and what it gives to the enemy. Because it is separated from “Spotted”, and usually happen before “Spotted” status. Am I right?

Maybe this is some kind of communication between enemies? If at least one of them spot you maybe they alert each other? Or maybe they also get sound markers just like we do, so they don’t know what is there, but are aware and go investigate?

I feel it’s like you described. Enemy know you “there” but do not see you yet. But I’m not sure too.

Might mean that the AI will spend its actions searching for the player instead of destroying resource crates or killing civilians?

I’ve always seen it as the same two options we get for enemies.
Alerted: Enemy has the yellow circles indicator that they heard/know an enemy is in a certain vicinity.
Spotted: Enemy has seen one of our soldiers and knows exactly where they are.