What would be the possibility of adding an “add on” fitting to the aircraft (it could be researched?) this add on could be brackets to hold the cars/tanks, what this would mean is that you don’t lose 4 spaces INSIDE! It would be attached to the bottom of the craft and could be picked up and dropped of for each mission. If you wanted some kind of penalty for this you cold lose 1 space inside to make way for the loading clamps, but that would be all… This seems more like how it would happen anyway and would allow for a full (or almost full) contingent of men. The cars/tanks are not that great as to replace 4 men anyway and this would fix that!


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Agreed, nice idea and very logical…so logical it’s probably the reason it won’t happen.

The aircraft system needs a little rework I think.

Manticore is fine but the fact that the others cannot interact with havens and the Tiamat is SO DARN SLOW…and the 25% range upgrade means you can get to so many other places too late.

A more logical set of enhancements would be more space, more speed and all able to interact.

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Yes I would prefer not to lose any space at all either, but it seems to be the trend to make things harder and more difficult than they need to be right now? Anyway, it really would require virtually NO programming as you will not see it loading you will just see the extra slot in your display showing the car/tank, that’s it really! Also I never take the tanks or cars because 4 men are far more valuable than that, plus it runs our of ammo fast and you can’t even reload it? So presently it is quite useless for anything apart from ramming which is not real good either…