AI way to slow!

I am presently playing only on Rookie level and it is only about 20% into the game, but every time I go into any battle now it takes so long I can virtually go away and make a cup of tea while I am waiting! It seems to calculate every possible outcome for EVERY single move to the point of stupid! I don’t remember it being this long before. So far I have NEVER been able to complete a game on ANY level due to bugs, crashes an now taking to long! It seems just as I really start to get into it something happens. Also the level of difficulty seems way high for “rookie” level, I wanted a fast play through to see how everything worked but does not look like it will happen. I turned everything down to low and went to rookie but still the maps for with any kind of buildings are so laggy I can hardly do anything. it just gets worse! I really want to enjoy this game but it is trying it’s best to piss me off, I spend most of my time yelling and swearing at the game rather than enjoying it!

Yeah some of the more busy missions took almost two hours due to this. The load screens were so so long too and then ontop of that they drop a flying ship animated cut scene after you’ve waited over a minute.

It just adds to a fairly painful experience.

But hey, you’ve got loads of features so it’s worth it right?

No. Less is more.

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Hit the ESC key to abort the ship animation.

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As is the way, I know. Here’s the point.

You wait half an hour to be served in a restaurant and the waiter comes over and asks if you’re ready to order. You express irritation. All you had to do was say yes is his reply.

The cutscene is insult on injury every time :blush:

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