Adrenaline Rush messing up accuracy?

So I’ve got a Berserker/Assault hybrid with a shotgun who I usually Dash into position before using Adrenaline Rush. I noticed that accuracy after activating AR (dunno if activating Dash previously is a factor) is completely messed up, at least with the shotgun (Anu). If I don’t activate AR and get close to the enemy, accuracy is great, but even if I’m standing next to the enemy after AR, acc is all over the place.

Is anyone else getting this problem? Is it a bug, or is it intended?

It was added recently or something. Its intentional. its -30 or something to your accuracy. i cant recall

I missed it in the change log. Need to re-check.
I guess it’s a soft limit to kind of force you to use melee weapons and losing aim when rushing a shot seems normal.

Yeah, since it’s not in the tooltip or the ability description (neither in-game or in the wiki) it was pretty weird. Does make sense, but hopefully the devs can add that important bit of info to the description soon!

Thanks for the answers!

I noticed some enemies moving a lot during the sequence, making some shots miss. With a precision rifle few chance it happens.