Acid Chirons are stupid

haha no, I suggest bringing up the problems but not suggesting the solutions to them, because we’re not really capable, as a community, of properly solving them. Arguably even the designers are struggling themselves to do this.

Edit to add - we risk pushing the devs in the wrong direction. Just my opinion.

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Game already at wrong side. We all testers right now, so talking about problems is right. As our thoughts about how to change, cause we play game, but devs not, i think.


Fully agreed. I fear most ordinary enemy with acid launcher and “boss bug” is a terror.

Just killed one by finding an entrance that looks to it and is under the cover of buidling and hitting it. Interestingly, it did not try to shoot.

I propose moving acid ability to head, which is easier to kill, if we are to keep ability. 2-3 snipes and its gone :slight_smile: It should have alternate way of fighting like launching worms or spawning basic enemy in few turns. Since limbs enable it, why not having multiple skills like our soldiers do after extensive combating?

Just mentioning that this problem is still actual and not fixed anyhow in any patches deployed.

Complexity of an enemy should be based on it’s abilities and AI, not on ‘can reach any point on map with disasterous AoE attack’. This is really weak game design!

I just rage-quited the game on Citadel mission, where I was trying to avoid being seen by the acid chiron from far most area of the map, but got hit eventually by a splash causing half of the crew to loose their weapons and ability to shoot, leaving them with 10% of health. And I still have to deal with Scylla (at least it’s a boss)

Player always should have way to counter dangerous enemy abilities otherwise the game just becomes no fun but all pain.

There are plenty of ways to fix acid chirons:

  • give acid-proof armor or perks,
  • make chirons charge one turn before attack
  • mark the area where chiron is aiming
  • devide damage by the amount of people receiving it (very stupid but still relevant)
  • give more covers on maps with such an enemy (walls at Citadel do not protect even a bit)
  • make chirons less accurate
  • give smoke bombs to make soldiers invisible to chirons
  • give some power-ups which boost acid resistance for a turn or two
  • make these chirons less armored, so a player could at least rush them with melee or shotgun troopers
  • make chirons see you only when another enemy sees you, otherwise almost blind

PP is a very good game, but such poor game-design decisions often make the experience almost unbearable.

I have troubles with Scyllas too but it’s much easier fight than this acid chiron random AoE disaster. No fun at all - run, pray, die, load, repeat.


Syrens are example of good design - at first they are scary (mind-controll, frenzy, lots of armor, deadly melee attacks), but in late game you can counter them in many ways - armor-piercing weapons, dash + shotguns, fire, snipers, paralising weapons, disable head, panic. Just don’t stay close to it and disable your mind-controlled units.

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But they are pretty inaccurate and almost blind (AFAIK 10 perception). But that wouldn’t help you because they shoot on anything that get seen OR heard (the red blibs you also get when you hear something) by any enemy. Mostly exactly what you want with one little difference, the hearing …

I can only give you 2 tips how I handle these Acid-Chirons:

  • Defensive:
    Simply don’t stay to close together. Hits on one or two of your squad should be manageable.

  • Offensive:
    Jump close with a Heavy and cast War Cry, the Chiron can’t shoot then (needs 3 AP). Protect this Heavy with some of your Squaddies if necessary. Next turn Rage Burst the Chiron (you have a Heavy with a Deceptor exactly for this case, right? If not, it need other and more actions) and if he is still alive cast another War Cry. Repeat until he is dead.
    To optimize that, you should have one Heavy cross classed with Infiltrator. Then you can oneshot any Chiron in the game with one Rage Burst, even the ones with high armor and 1000 HP. But you also need a high level of WP: 2 for the jump, 3 to War Cry and in the following turn 4 to Vanish (to get double damage through Senak Attack) another 5 for Rage Burst, together minimum 14 WP. But if you combine that with an additional Assault to cast Onslaught on the Heavy you can also Rage Burst in the turn you jump in (my favourite tactic), this way you don’t need War Cry.

I hope that helps, because I have almost not that big trouble as you described with any kind of Chirons since they got nerfed.


The Synedrion nanotech technology makes all your operatives (and their mechanical gadgets) completely invulnerable to Acid Chirons. They literally can’t do a single point of damage to any operative once you have that tech.

In my playthroughs I always end up having it before the first acid Chirons even appear (and without making any effort either, Synedrion researches it and I’m usually aligned to all the Factions pretty early on).


Problem is… your tactic helps you, me and the ‘5’ other dudes here. Most of the player base will still rage-quit and trash the game. The game needs to provide counter-measures for players. What if the squad doesn’t have a heavy? Then you’re done? Is a heavy infiltrator now required for every squad?

It’s the same with the virus/paralysis problem - players must have countermeasures, SPECIALLY in a sandbox where you want to be able to try a lot of different stuff AND have at least most of it work.

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For every case in every situation? I think you know where this ends …

Well, most players don’t see that as a solution, but it is one and it is no shame to retreat when you encounter enemies that you are not able to handle with the team you send in.

Of course not, I only described ONE solution that is capable to handle almost any Chiron. Other players can do the same or not. And there are also other solutions out to deal with Acid Chirons, see the post from @VOLAND above.

This is a complete different case that never happens to me and actually I don’t know how to handle it. For me not really comparable to this scenario with an acid Chiron.

This debate will have to reach each situation for us to agree :joy:
Yes, any major mechanic in my opinion. Not every situation, just every major mechanic like damage types and unit states, both for players and AI. If there isn’t a mechanic to deal with it, it needs to have a limit (ex: endless panic, pandoran mass panic).

If it was a reliable mechanic, ok, but currently it’s not, as has already been discussed in other threads… the evac zone may be really far away (think vehicle recovery missions), your soldier may be stun/panic-locked, the enemy may be OP like the acid chirons in question, etc. These points ARE addressable and if improved, evac could be considered as a counter-mechanic for some things, yes.

I was not talking about your one solution either :slight_smile:. My point was that tactics to overcome game mechanics are the greatest reward to a player that finds them, but there needs to be counter mechanics as well as to not destroy players campaign’s just because they didn’t find out about that tactic yet. Unfortunately I’d really not seen Voland’s post, it probably appeared while I was typing. This is a good example of a counter-mechanic, although it’s still “hidden” in faction tech. I’m actually divided about counter-mechanics coming from factions instead of PX itself… it’s good and bad at the same time.

It’s not happened to me also, but I’ve seen it in Retcon’s videos and plenty others complained about it. I find it comparable in the sense that both situations prevent players from… playing, by leading to rage-quitting - either by destroying their entire team/campaign randomly, or by stun-locking the player into an endless bore of turn passing that should really never happen.

Both counter-mechanics and limits deal with these problems nicely. Also remember that more advanced or hardcore players / fans tend to view everything as “normal” and “easy to deal with” because they already know most of the tactics and details and have discussed a lot with others - most players will just find the game bugged or really badly designed when they encounter this type of stuff.

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Please stay on topic :wink:
Acid isn’t longer that problematic since it is heavily toned down in my opinion. I don’t think that it is really necessary to have any more limitations as it has now.

Again, please stay on topic :rofl:
We talk about an acid Chiron in a Citadel mission. The closest evac is direct at your spawning point.

When you have counter mechanics for almost any case, why to search for tactical solutions?
I don’t want to repeat this, but I think you know were this ends … :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I can’t believe that acid in its current form is able to do that. Maybe you can lose one or probably two soldiers, but a whole Squad? I highly doubt it.
Stun locking or locked by panic is bad and maybe not really necessary but also not the end of a campaign.

Probably you’re right, I’m maybe too experienced in this game to see the problems that others have with some of the mechanics. But I can only always warn about anything that goes in the direction of simple solutions (like medkits should be able to get acid away), because we know were this ends … :slight_smile:

OK, I stop joking now.
What for a solution you will have especially against acid Chirons?

Lets have a detailed look what @grimtoyz mentioned to solve his problems with acid Chirons some posts above:

Is in the game, Nanotech from Synedrion.

This will make the acid or bomb Chirons completely harmless. When you always get the aim marked then they are no longer a real threat. We talk about one of the latest enemy types in the game, these should be real threats in my opinion.

Because the amount of acid you can receive from Chirons is already pretty low I don’t think that this would work.

They are already pretty inaccurate. Only when they have the stability stance they get more accurate, but also lose one turn for this action.

Would not work, because the Chirons already almost don’t see you because they are mostly blind (low perception). But they shot at anything that one of their buddys see or hear (smoke would not help here).

Electric Reinforcement is in the game and works nicely against acid, but you need a Technician in your team.

You can already do this, their head has no armor and thus you can kill an acid Chiron with 2-3 shotgun hits. I do this often, works nicely.

See above, this is already the case.

So what can we do now?

I’m pretty sure there is not so much a problem with specific enemies or damage types that destroy so many players campaigns. But I think the game has a massive problem to explain many of its mechanics to the players, so they mostly don’t know what to do against all of the things they encounter in a campaign. I wish they would concentrate a good part of their spare resources to find a way to solve this and then I think that, not all, but many of the problems for a good part of the players are gone.


In Citadels, the evac location is not directly near one’s spawning point.

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I haven’t had the chance to experience any damage from acid Chirons lately because as I said in my post I just happen to get nanotech invulnerability to acid Chirons before I encounter them…

But acid Chirons work in the following way (and I dealt with them on a regular basis before they were nerfed and nanotech didn’t grant immunity against them):

  • They have 15 ammo in total.

  • In regular stance they shoot 3 projectiles per salvo with low accuracy (3 projectiles are very unlikely to hit the same target), and they ran out of ammo after 5 turns.

  • Each projectile does 10 acid damage (AD) to the body part it touches, and 20 AD to Bionic parts. Worst case scenario you get hit by 20 AD on multiple body parts. On your turn you will lose 20 armor from those body parts, but unless you had 0 armor on the body part to begin with, you will not suffer any damage to HPs, and the acid will reduce to 10 on each afflicted body part, so next turn you will lose at most 60 HPs, and that if you got drenched in, not splashed by acid.

  • In Stability Stance they shoot 5 projectiles with greater accuracy, but they have to spend 1 AP to enter it, so they can’t move and shoot on the same turn. Also, 5 projectiles per salvo means they will run out of ammo in 3 turns. In brief, there you can lose up to 120 HPs after 1 full turn. Compare that to a single burst from an Elite Arthron MG, that does 6 x 50 damage with 3 shred…

Acid Chirons are not one-shot killers. They were at some point, a long time ago because they did more AD and there was a bug with explosions that sometimes multiplied blast and explosion damage by 2 or 3. This bug is long gone, and the AD damage of Chirons has been nerfed to a single stack per projectile.

The trouble one gets from Acid Chirons is if they are able to hit the same operative several times in 2 or more turns. When dealing with Acid or Blast Chirons there is only one absolutely wrong way to deal with them: stay put in the open.

They force the player to act - that’s their role as artillery.

If you like camping with snipers near the deployment zone because everyone knows they are the best and you don’t need any other class, that’s when these Chirons invite you to think again :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course, you’re right, I mistook this with Lairs. My apologies …

If there is no aim mark, then they cannot be so utterly accurate with their bombs… after all, they shoot three of them at once… they should work like artillery, not a guided missiles…

The regular shot is very innaccurate, the stability stance is somewhat better.

You can MC a Chiron to see for yourself.

Yeah, I think a lot of the hate for Chirons must come from their older iterations. I started playing relatively recently and I’ve never noticed them to be very dangerous. Bomb Chirons only show up very late and their accuracy is so bad that even when they fire a full volley right into the middle of my squad the most I’ll get is moderate wounds on a couple of soldiers.

Honestly, they’re probably the least dangerous out of all the ‘standard’ enemies. I’ve lost soldiers to Arthrons, Tritons, and Sirens, but never to a Chiron.


Hey you were the one that took things off-topic first, mister! :smile:

As you took also all my responses off-topic (you thought they were about acid and I guess I didn’t talk about acid at all haha), let’s agree to disagree!

I’m not sure as I didn’t face them much, I have no conclusive answer. In my old release-date campaign when they appeared frequently, I just alpha-striked them at any cost.

However, I was about to suggest more in-game tips when I read your post below the one I’m replying. I think you’re right on target on this one:

Please apply for Snapshot and write a bunch of game tips :grin:.

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I never had a real problem with acid chirons, but I was taking the words of other players into consideration. My point was that these types of situations (campaign-breaking ones) shouldn’t happen, and if they do exist, then they must have accessible countermeasures and/or limitations.

If this specific problem does not exist, then it’s a moot point. I guess I got caught up when it lead me to think about other situations where this does exist, which are the ones I mentioned earlier.

edit: this reminded me of the early game of x-com apoc. That was brutal! the mind bugs launched directly at you in your first mission, and your own mind-controlled soldiers being much stronger than enemies because of their armor. I remember I developed a tactic of always carrying a fart-grenade with my soldiers (green gas), because they could survive it but the mind bugs couldn’t. Dropping a grenade cost 0AP, so if any bug came close, I just farted! There I go off-topic’ing again, @MadSkunky