New ACID granades!

These new acid weapons are way to over powered right now… If you get hit with one your guaranteed to lose that man/men (lost three to one acid bomb). I have only just started the game and in the first few missions I get hit right away with an ACID bomb and in three turns all who are hit are dead!!! WTF? This is even using the health pack to heal. I had restarted three times to avoid getting any acid on me but it is a right pain in the ass and not thought through. The med kit should neutralize the acid SERIOUSLY!!! But right now it is one hit YOUR DEAD in three turns I am getting to the end of my wits with all this now, take one step forward and 37 steps back…

Didn’t get to play yet, but an other option is to retreat before they die.
I’ll see once I can play …

Anyway, all those damages are asymetric. The enemy doesn’t care if he loses units. We do.

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So it works in the way I was writing it shouldn’t? :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you wrote, but there should be a way to remove the effect. Like ditching the armor for instance.

That damage to unit HP is applied from all body parts. And now when acid damage is high then imagine how much HP it takes per turn if at least 5 body parts were hit. :slight_smile: Balancing here went in wrong way.

Yea I lost 2 soldiers on my 3rd scavenging mission to those things. I do play on legend difficulty though so I guess that is fine. I disagree about medkids being able to remove acid. The inability to ‘cure’ acid makes a lot of sense and adds distinctiveness vs poison.

I’ve had the same issue, one of my new bionic (i can’t remember what the new units and tech is called) upgraded soldiers was wiped out instantly. I tried to sprint off the map, but I couldn’t quite make it…

Don’t mean to sound like a dick, but if you lose 3 soldiers to a single nade… that’s your own fault for clumping up so much to where that’s even possible! I don’t think I’ve let a single AOE attack sense release hit more than 2 guys at once. And I’m including Mortar chiron’s in this. And if I have, and I’ve just blocked it from memory I’d say no more than once.

I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say overpowered, but acid has definitely gone from the most useless DOT effect to one of the most powerful DOT’s. Some of the advanced enemies could have there acid toned down a little bit maybe… haven’t played enough yet to say for sure.

So here is the experience I have had with acid so far (I’m playing Hero, HonestMan and no skill spamming - each soldier can use each skill only once):

The first crabs I encountered had acid nade launchers. After reading comments here I was on the guard and went after them with extreme prejudice. Finally, after half a dozen missions one last standing crab managed to acid nade my heavy basher, wearing the PP heavy armor.

She got it on her head and torso, the only parts that got affected. After 2-3 turns the acid reduced the helmet’s armor to 0, but by that time it dissipated (it loses 10 strength each turn), so it never actually did any damage.

I imagine the elite’s crab acid launcher and the Chiron will do quite a bit more damage, especially to bionics (which I don’t have yet).

There is the catch… I was in a tunnel and had no place to go, all jammed up in the passage could not go back could not go forward, so NO it was not “really” my fault on turn 2… The maps really suck to busy no way to shoot “usually” without something getting in the way. The Lair’s are the worst I hate them with a passion, can not move in any directions without something popping up! I have never played a game as stressful as this one and I don’t like that, I like enjoyment. About the Acid, it seems to only kill your men in the early stages, as you progress a little it does not do as much damage. But on the first or second mission you can gaurentee death even if you have a med kit. But even latter in the game it is still overpowered if I get hit 2 times that definately will kill you no cure! If they can kill you with one shot we need an equal, so lets pump up the granades to two hits and your dead! OR one from the launcher takes you to near death with bleed out. Anyway, this is not fun anymore, I am only playing it because I want to get some use out of the money I spent on it, it is that simple…

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Having Bionics on most of my current soldiers against pandorians with acid launchers was the worst idea I have ever made, although I think this is a good way to reduce the use of bionics and have more of a mixed squad to deal with the situation.

I sadly get quite annoyed whenever one of my bionics get acid dropped on them. Hopefully they reduce dots a bit at least, especially since getting your chest hit by acid means both your arms are included.

Im surprised that The Pure can even manage to survive against Panodorians being fully bionic.

I hadn’t had any major issues with acid from the regular Pandorans, it was maybe 70 - 80 acid when hit, which my early guys could live through. Just got into a lair, a Chiron with Acid hit one guy for 400 and all my other guys for between 150 and 200 each time. And it fires 3(?) bombs every single turn…that’s some serious acid damage in 3 turns. Patch notes say it’s not a one shot mechanic, which is sort of true if you get chance to apply a med-kit, it then is a two turn death, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

I even positioned my guys under ledges thinking there’s no way I can get hit there, but it appears the Chirons can launch straight up and down acid bombs, and they have a massive area of effect, that mean even tall cover facing them is pointless. They either need to limit how much and how often the acid Chiron can fire or reduce its acid damage by at least 50% and also stop it being able to fire up and down from impossible angles. Or maybe even just make them less accurate, I mean my level seven grenade launchers are nowhere near as accurate as the Chirons with acid.

And anyone saying it’s a bunching up my men problem, there was nowhere to go because the Chiron started firing on turn 2 every single restart, and the map funneled my guys into the same area. 4 of the 6 would get hit every single time the Chiron fired.

I ended up quitting the game because of that one mission.


Yes it is beyond stupid right now, and I agree with you, it is not because you bunch up, some maps as you say just make it impossible to get by the narrows! I am not sure what goes through he heads of those making these decisions on balancing but it is not logic. I have stopped playing it now (again!) and will wait till the new patch, maybe it will have fixed it? But it seems like this is a big ask…