Achievement glitches

Enjoying the game, appreciate it’s still kinda in a QA phase :blush: the gamepass (Windows store) version seems fairly free for me of many of the killer bugs I’ve seen however after one full playthrough I believe some achievements aren’t unlocking when they should:

Squad Diversity: I’ve recruited all seven classes including mutogs, achievement progress stuck at 85%

Citadel Destroyer: Have screenshots of this. The second washup screen says I’ve taken down a LAIR not a citadel. Happened every time have completed a citadel level.

I can do everything: can you publish a list of the skills that need to be used. I’ve done all but no unlocking. Including mutogs, active mutant ones too. Unless it includes all the pandora abilities… :roll_eyes: Please no…

Master Manufacturer and research related achievements: Again please please publish a definitive list of elements so we can check them off and QA the achievement. I have documented 133 research items so far, but no unlock.

I am publishing solution guides on under the username yossariano. The strategy game specialists are very keen to get to grips with the game. For example here is a guide for “all the live ones”:

The base facility builder achievement unlocked for me not after building every facility type (inc. mist repeller, mutant builder) but it unlocked after discovering a ninth phoenix base.

Many thanks

Bump. Glitches achievements are pretty much heresy to gamepass subscribers.

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I quit… 100% achievement is impossible…
I’ll play other games.

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Have you registered with

If you do that (or true for steam players) you’ll be kept updated as per any progress, achievement guides etc in the pp forums.

Worth noting that the same five achievements are glitched for both gamepass and steam (year one) versions.

Do the Devs here have any update on this? Given its maybe the last outstanding actual bug from the original game I’m surprised the priority is still bumped continuously.