How does Acid damage really work?

I got hit from 3 acid Arthrons:
That particular soldiers suffered loss of every armour and got about 80 acid on every body part.
Does that mean, that he will loose 80 HP in the next round on every body part and thus be dead in 2 rounds?

Yep… silly, isn’t it?

To be honest – these new ACID rules & values are waaayyy off-balance.
They’ll have to revise those calibration(s) and re-think the entire “Damages” scaling proportions, IMO.

Really looks like someone at Snapshot got in love with Acid stuff without particular in-depth analysis of generic consequences in realistic combat flow. Soooooo… i fully expect a solid revision unless they truly believe the Hits/Kills ratio (with or without ACID related influences, btw) should always lead to “irrational” (and almost predictable) defeats.

The trick here is that our gameplay experience can either sustain such weird effects or somehow find the proper response to counter (any!!) illogical twists in the ruleset.

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If you get hit by 3 Crab attacks without acid, be it melee, machine gun or regular nades, chances are you will be dead on the spot, so perhaps the OP was lucky it was acid and not something else.

The acid does some damage on contact shredding armor, continues to eat through the armor on subsequent turns and then applies to HPs. It loses 10 strength each turn. As with all explosives, multiple body parts (though not all) are affected.

If I’m not mistaken the regular crab acid launcher does 20 damage, so a soldier wearing heavy armor might not take any damage at all.

Is it possible to “heal” acid with med-packs?

No, you can heal the damage the acid does, but you can’t get rid of it (only wait until it dissipates).

Acid is different in that from, e.g. poison,which does much higher damage per turn ignoring armor and can be eliminated with a medpack.

Ok, but this way acid is lethal like hell.:
The armour is quickly down, so when it start having effect on HP, they are reduced within 1 turn.

I haven’t had enough experience with it yet, but it shouldn’t be too bad unless there is saturation, like when you get hit multiple times.

I was just lucky, that all 3 Arthrons went down next round. Otherwise that soldier would be doomed.

One lvl. 6 Sniper was hit by an acid grenade without loss of HP. Next turn a Triton dealt 8 damage and the soldier was dead du to acid damage.

Game was more fun before that patch.

Acid damage seems to be horrendously out of balance. One crab launching acid hit and did 160 damage. I healed. Next turn I took 140 damage. This means any soldier hit (I’m at lvl 3ish w my first (and only) 6 soldiers) is dead. But I can’t replace the casualty. The game seems to be MORE frustratingly horrible in balance now.

Acid should hit and do 40 or 60 damage and start to decrease. Give me some option to have the guy survive. It seems like each body part is stacking. That’s dumb.

I have a buddy playing on the easiest level and the acid crabs are just outright killing him. There is no EASY mode in the game when the initial enemies are deadly potent.

In the various XComs I would lose soldiers but they were easily replaced and I could outfit a new one relatively quickly. With Phoenix Point, it costs a fortune (now on Legend they come w armour (but weirdly can’t afford a rifle) but come w the attached costs. You can’t replace someone dead easily. Give me an initial force pool of 10-12 rookies that I can draw from for my initial squad. Don’t give them armour or anything, that’s fine. Let the soldiers I recruit from havens come w equipment and maybe even a bit of experience on them. But if soldiers are going to die (that makes the game more emotionally enjoyable) you need to let me replace losses more quickly and at less initial costs.