A few things I'd like to see in later builds and a couple of observations

Here are a few things I’d like to see make it to the next couple of builds.

1/ Base dispersal. In one game South-East Asia was well-covered; the US didn’t have a bloody thing. Makes logistics a tad … annoying. I’d like to either see a better spread or have the chance to close down a base, move the stuff to the central HQ and then build elsewhere … possibly on a destroyed haven.

2/ Armadillos suck. I’d like to take them apart and build more useful stuff. Or, to an extent, retro-engineer/adapt them. Any chance of this? I have 5 taking up space that I could use to grow a few plants.

3/ Limited places to visit. I’d like a lot more scavenging sites and the like. No reason why a destroyed haven can’t be one. No reason why more can’t pop up. You’d have to go looking and some might have e.g explosives there but it’d add a bit more to the game.

4/ What’s going to happen about that last alien that always hides in a wardrobe? (Yes, I’ve watched them do it with sneaky overhead cam). Will they eventually come out because it’s time for tea or will we have to wade through buildings time and time again until the claustrophobia’s too much?

5/ When the fog hits and we can’t see for all the fog, how will this affect ranged warfare e.g. missle bomb things? Can we fire into areas that make sounds and hope they’re not people singing out of tune? More importantly, how about my heavy’s happy habit of bouncing around a map on jet packs? If he can’t see where’s he’s going how will he know if he hits the sweet spot?

6/ Scientists/engineers/various useful people. Do we pick them up from havens or will there be some form of worldwide electronic communication we could use so that our 3 scientists can talk to each other without having to wait until their daughters are off the phone to their boyfriends? (80s reference for those not born at the time).

7/ Manticore reach. Manticore 1 has a reach of 12000 miles. Good oh! Manticore 2 has one of 10000 miles. So so. Manticore 3 has one of 6000 miles and so can’t go anywhere because I’ve build my refuel network for different distances. Any chance this could be made to work?

8/ Grenade spam. I like a bit of spam, me. Preferably only once a year and fried, but I can eat it no problem. 14 lots of grenades flying your way becomes a bit fraught, however. Especially as it’s always my weapons that get hit. Did those crabs clone Steven Segal (or whoever it was, might have been Stallone) when he played that super-hot marksman that never missed?

9/ “More Grass Here”. It’s nice of the crabs to tell me this. Every time before they start to shoot. Or “j;lafjhaohfaofalhjoahf” every time they put down a shield. All 10,000,000 billion billion billion billion billion of them with their (insert infinity symbol here) numerous cries. A note to game developers. A ‘cute’ mechanic repeated ad nauseam isn’t ‘cute’. Any chance we could mute them? Lack of vocal chords or something? Telepathy? I don’t know, just shut them up. I like sound effects (turn down the guns a bit) and the music but not the rest.

10/ Supply lines. Currently it’s a bit hard being able to establish a viable fuel supply network even when the game is over-simplified. This can mean that, for example, I can only get to Chile via Berlin. It’s scenic but a bit loooooooooooooooooooooooooong. And it makes me a hostage to fortune e.g. I have to side with ANU because even though I dislike them they have all the best seaside locations. And they surround my main bases…I’d prefer to not have a forced choice until absolutely (if ever) necessary.

11/ Reputation. I’m nice to NJ. Eventually some of them only seem to dislike me a little. I do nothing to Synedrion and they love me. They didn’t even mind that I pointed out that the sign in their haven that said “Join New Jericho” wasn’t really an endorsement. Nice to see there’s some self-deprecating people around still. why is it incumbent on me to have to save everyone or piss everyone off as it seems? Feels a bit ‘rigged’ to me (as it stands currently).


12/ Mist spreaders. These must exist as mist speads in perfect circles (annoying, not taking into account tides, winds etc) so surely I can find and destroy/disable these? Even though I can’t currently get to every land mass on the planet because I’m tied to havens in some way i.e. why can’t I just fly to the end of my fuel and build a fuel dump so I can visit Tahiti?

Are we still on for a June release next year for the game?


  1. I would wait for next iteration of geoscape. Without too many options and algorithm balancing it is hard to predict what the team is preparing for us. Maybe all new missions and diplomacy and transportation system will improve our experience. And I suppose you won’t be able to build whole new base. It would require too much time which you don’t have as Phoenix Project had building bases in first place. So you will need to use what you will find.

  2. Why do you think that APC suck?

  3. Good idea. :wink:

  4. We will have different means to find that last enemy.

  5. I’m not sure if there will be such thing as fog of war. At least not the like one where you can’t see the map. Maps are usually revealed but spotting range limit if you see enemies. But even if such fog of war will be implemented I suppose you still will see further than all possible ranges of abilities or explosives.

  6. What have communication between bases to do with picking up staff while recruiting them? BTW. global communication systems are down.

  7. rebuild you refuel network. :wink: Closer to the game release we will definitely have more info when and how Manticore range is changing.

  8. Explosives will also have a chance to miss.

  9. did you try sound options to mute them down?

  10. look at point 1)

  11. can you explain more what do you expect and complain about?

  12. I think there will be missions to those spreaders