Geoscape ideas and mechanics


I suppose you all have heard about stuff which is planned. Mission types, different factions and independent havens, that there will be transports and raids between them, and the mist with aliens will be spreading from the see or other water sources. But I wonder if there will be weather effects or some cataclysmic elements included. Imagine that Pandora Virus can increase the magnitude of those events. Maybe some havens could be “offline” for some time or request help from nearby havens during such incidents. They could loose some buildings and production at least temporarily.
EDIT: Having that in mind we would need to prepare for such events with some sophisticated technology (which can be in Synedrion tech tree). Of course havens in regions affected by such event would be less attractive… so to counter this maybe they could produce more food, supplies or knowledge (or whatever resources may be on geoscape).

I have just read about hurricane hitting US coastline and wondered how huge impact it will have on population.

Another EDIT:
And this is hurricane. Mix of temperature, steam and ocean current. What if PV will have creatures of Behemoth size burrowing under ground? Whey can cause tremors or even earth quakes shattering transport and power supply. Imagine creatures sitting on the ocean bottom with enough power to hit continental plate, which will also cause huge tidal waves or tsunamis, which in return will benefit PV in acquiring more bio-mass.


Geoscape in Finnair Airbus (some numbers) in below picture.

Could be great to see different layers showing different stuff like:

  • current tactical view
  • civilization view with more visible day/night areas with light spots showing havens presence during the night (maybe with time zones?), with marked more important / bigger havens
  • influence view showing spread of different influences (our, each faction, mist etc), with havens reputation towards us
  • and just satellite view of lands just to admire our planet.


From the current build, the thing I don’t like is, if you gathered all the resources from a scavenging site, Is there any reason for returning to that site? if not, I will prefer this points to disappear from the map, because now, with all those places on the globe I feel it’s too saturated.


Good idea. The same with lost havens and destroyed alien bases. But I would leave them on one of the layers. Just to be able to check what was there. Some kind of history for regions.


I wonder, will we have old ruined cities as scavenging sites? Those new X2 abandoned city maps were great, very atmospheric. If we have spies/scouts/infiltrators in the game, they can be send to these city-sites and offer renewed supply missions in this very location. By the way, same can be done with ordinary scavenging sites, but those should have less “supply capacity”, and so spies will unlock just 1 or 2 more supply missions there. After that they can be erased from the map -)

PS: Those Disciples of Anu buildings look awesome .)


I’m not sure if cities can be good scavenging sites. We usually search abandoned military complexes because we want to find some weapons and military equipment. What we can find in cities, except food and materials? But well if those resources will be scarce then maybe such scavenge missions would be good source of it.

But definitely I like the idea of big scavenging sites which could require several missions to deplete them - if done in quick manner then each following mission could be with lower difficulty, but if left for some time without attendance difficulty in such site could spike drastically. :slight_smile:

I also like Anu setting. :wink:


More than that - undepleted site may be still raided by the faction who controls the territory. So, once revealed, it won’t stay in such condition for eternity. Another small strategic element you’ll have to keep in mind .)