Improvements that would make so much better and even more awesome

Hi Guys! I’ve been playing the game since release and finished it multiple times on legend and the other difficulty settings.

Here are things i’d like to get “worked over”:

Acid Damage in this game is totally useless and bullshit. Espacially the endgame Heavy Gun is totally pointless.

Same goes for Viral “Damage” or mechanics. Why should i bother to ensnare or limit an ability or opponent if killing it off is ALWAYS the better choice??

Base Management is a mess in this game. It’s ugly and could use some heavy improvements. Let’s start with the amount of bases. It says 8 bases but in the End of the game you will get a 9th or even a 10th base? (with Synedrion reputation mission). Why are there only 8 bases when, in theory, u can get up to 10 bases??

Why cant i build bases myself ?? Why cant i rename my bases? Discovering them has a good edge but sometimes they are placed very close to each other… which (sometimes) makes them totally obsolute. Destroyed bases also cant be rebuild. Poor Mechanics. You can do better!!

Some buildings only need to be build once. Any more installations of those are a total waste of resources, time and base space (fe Mutation Lab, Containment Cell). You also dont need to build production capacity very often cause you will find it in explored PP bases.

The buidings you can construct are very simple and could use more of an “edge” or be upgradeable.
Why arent my research labs or my Production facilities producing an + income??. The display always says +0 on the research and production tab.

Neutral havens are a good idea but they dont do shit and are totally worthless and utterly useless. You cant even recruit soldiers from there. Why not implement a black market where you can buy information (Map Areas), Bonus Scans, Weapons or Armor tiles or vehicles? That would be very nice. Also include a reputation system to make it worth the while. Right now its just useless and ineffective. Why would i do a Mission against New Jericho with major reputation loss just to get 300 food, 300 tech and 300 Production? I just dont see the “higher” sense to it. You can do much better!!

The biggest and most annoying thing about the game is the missing tooltips. Its literally everywhere… The game does not give you good information about a certain skill or how it plays out with others skills. You know what i mean. It starts in the “Training” Tab of our soldiers. Why not point out how much willpower a certain ability like “Dash” costs? It’s extremly important to see how your soliders evolve and its even more important to make adjustments to willpower, speed and strength according to the cost of those abilities. I dont like the “trial and error” system cause this game has so many incredible mechanics and, on the other side, just lacks common sense or information a lot of times.
Also i cant dismiss soldiers or look at them before i recruit them at a faction haven. Why not?? Save & Load is your best friend here. Is it supposed to be like that?

Also… in the later game you will get passive skills that will improve the output of buildings or make certain techs better (25% more range on the Tiamat, improved movement speed for all your planes etc). Those upgrades are NOT reflected in the production tab (but you can see them on the INFO button in the main screen). Also i cant see how much bonus or penalty a certain solider has in total (from skills). A colored tooltip with (for example) +2 Speed or -4 Willpower debuff would be an awesome thing. Maybe also a perks list. Just saying… You can do better!!

Vehicles in this game totally suck. Dont waste any space, time and resources on them. 3 spots are just too much. And with their respective skills they are not even worth 2 spaces. The MUTOG “vehicle” for Anu is the worst crap ive seen in a long time (those MUTOG’S are also very buggy and can get stuck on some mape - horrible).

I’d also wish for more “diversity” in the game. After a certain amount of time Pandorans dont do shit anymore when you can scan for their citadels and destroy them in 5 minutes time. The factions will battle each other and you will be the ruler of a graveyard planet. Why not include more diplomacy in the game and lower the penaltys for defending a faction which you are NOT allied with? Also some random popoup missions or new ?? Icons on the map would be incredible after a certain amount of time. I’d also love to give my soldiers hope of earning skill points in combat or bonus missions instead of sitting in the base and waiting for them to be lvl 7 and having 300 skillpoints. Thats not very appealing to a game like this. In UFO 1 (the old one) - you could do alot more things and its 25 years old. DO BETTER!!

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A devastated world could mean: no time, manpower and resources to build a new base?

Yes, a more striking, colorful, unique icon for them would be needed: I mostly forget they exist as they blend into the grey (exploited) icons so much

They could be selling pirate weaponry and armor and give discount if their mission is completed. The itmes they sell could be linked to their backstorry, they could provide intel etc…

Yes, that would be the general idea. Just make them do something after you complete a mission for them. There should be motivation to do it though.

I came here to read about some clever improvements, but instead had to read through a list of dislikes…

i had an idea of posting massive improvements list. But no developers care imho. So even if the list will be genius - the game will stay the same.

The biggest turn off for me is the bland tile sets that get reused over and over again. Why does a haven in Midwest USA look exactly the same as a haven in the alps or the Sahara or the bloody Antartic. If I raid a Synedrion research centre I don’t even have to look at the map to know exactly where the objectives will be, because every one is in exactly the same place on exactly the same map as the first one I did.

The game needs more diversity in everything. More locations with unique tile sets, more mission types, more weapons and armour, better enemy “evolution” not just simply more and more armour, a research tree that is actually worth investing in…

The game seems to have been released way too early and I’m sure everything I’ve mentioned will come over time, just wish I’d waited for the Steam release.

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