Backers Build 5 feedback

Well how to say it… Wow?

This build is more deep than I expected. Things I already like:

  • Exploring functionality on geoscape
  • ambush missions
  • night scenery
  • how mist hides enemies
  • changes in skill trees
  • more granulated damage, armor and HP gives interesting mixes
  • how armor shredding was changed from random bigger value to constant but smaller value
  • soldier info screen
  • Triton is interesting enemy
  • research tree now gives a needed mystery…
  • how healing and stamina prevent soldiers going from one mission to another
  • haven events starting a missions!
  • standby ability really helps with squad management

Things I would consider to change:

  • Showing info screen of an enemy which we really don’t know (especially his abilities)
  • Facility repair should cost less than building it
  • Shouldn’t build time of facilities be longer?
  • Game Guide should link to pdf about BB5 not BB4

To Be Continued… :smiley:


Hello I bought early access in the summer but I do not come a new build in epic games store.tell me what to do?bought the average cost of the game

The new build doesn’t come out until later today ( September 3rd). It will be around 6pm CEST

thank you for such a specific answer

I’m writing based on videos published by others. :smiley:

and here I am thinking you could play and I’m jealous(I can’t):rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I might be biased, since I already consider Phoenix Point to be a f’cking awesome game, but what I liked most from the streamers videos were the night missions, and the stamina system, which prevents the creation of a super-squad that goes to all.

Enemy’s info will probably be available after proper capture and research.

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All i could find as of now, was UV video.

I think, this is the first time realised that there won’t be traditional sight-range, instead weapon spread prevents your units to snipe enemies across the battlefield, and most acts as a more deadly sight range.

That makes me wonder? Does game have or will have smoke Granades (be it traditional or our own smoke) to break line of sight from enemies?

One think I don’t like, is that there doesn’t seem to be an indication of what part of the map we have vision on. I think it would be nice if there was some grey out effect, which perhaps wouldn’t quite conceal the terrain, but let us know what we can see, and what we cannot see.

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Do I need to uninstall BB4 or does it update in Epic store automatic?

It should just work like a patch (though a pretty big one)

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There was quite many of that on twitch, but I skipped them.

Except UV preview

Check Retcon

and quite rought, but still you may watch

Another featured by Snapshot on their twitter

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Yup, another search reveal couple new ones.

This one looks pretty decent, though being twitch feed it’s a slow burner:

I really should do something productive soon.

xD that’s funny me too.

I’m eagerly waiting. lol

12:04 still early lol

It’s probably still probably another hour or so. We’ve been working on the build today and we’re testing for any serious bugs before uploading.

It isn’t updated yet. We’re just uploading the build.

I bought into the game back when BB3 was available. I have not updated my game since. How or what do I do in order to get BB5?

You should have received an email from on March 27th with your Backer Build key for the Epic Games Store. If you don’t have the email, please contact the previously mentioned address and we can resend it to you.

I pre-order the game from Epic store, can I get access to BB5?