A few bugs that prevent progression


So i got to experience 2 bugs which prevent me from actually progressing.

  1. when i raid technology from synedrion , i get to take 1 research tech. the other 2 just dont show the option to steal tech.
  2. Im doing this disciples of anu elite training sabotage mission. I kid you not when I say, that the entire time that I went through making this id, and posting this bug, the game has still been on the same loading splash screen.

I have a geforce 2070rtx card with a 512 gb SSD, and its a brand new laptop too.

Is this a known issue? If it is, do you have a fix for it?

both are known issues, but even still, if you would please use the F12 bug reporter to report them so the QA team could get good looks at the data?

Oh there’s a QA Team? what did they do for the last 3 months? vacation???

Do i just press F12? Sorry, im not really sure of how this works out. Also how do I send it to you? Does pressing F12 automatically do it? assuming thats how I report it in the first place :frowning:

Pressing F12 will open up the bug reporting menu. You enter in the details (username/email address, description of the bug, details of the bug) and edit the image if you want. You then submit it

Cool , thanks,

Im taking a small break from the game now though, the last mission i did was just a bit too hard for me on the third difficulty. Need to recycle my brain before I do anything :smiley: Its the jericho fortress defense mission in case you’re curious :smiley:

Tobias west wants to go toe to toe with aliens with nothing but a pistol. Plus the sirens… I need to equip my grandmaster strategist thinking cap before i go back to that :smiley:

Please keep up the good work! and please say thank you from me to everyone at snapshot for making a game thats different from Xcom. Looking forward to more stuff from you guys over the years :smiley: