Research psychic influences

Can’t find any info on this.
In the research tab it states you need to capture a psychic enemy for this to unlock.
I captured a few sirens and it still won’t let me research it.

Bug or am I dumb?

I have the same problem, can’t research despite having 2 sirens in containment. What other psychic pandoran is there?

thats wierd, i only captured siren, triton, and mindfragger and got it, it might be mindfragger, tho idk if thats technically “psychic” but the game might treat it as

me too. neither sirens nor mindfraggers count as “psychic” in my game in regards to that research.

did you do the reserach in related to capturing the live siren first? maybe thats the key, i think it is tbh now that i think of it

Did the research on the living siren as well as the mindfraggers first. Then wanted to do the research on a psychic and thought “well maybe they killed the specimen in the process of the previous research” which would make sense. So i got out and caught another siren and mindfragger. But nothing changed in regards of the research not being possible.

sorry friend,. you have stumped me. i have that research done and i really dont know how now that you have done that. hope others can help

i now caught more sirens and it worked.
I think :d
But I also caught scyla at the same time, so hmmm.

how did you catch scylaa, i am still struggling with that. any tips/roster?

the easiest is to have the research from synedrion. They give you more advanced stun guns.
If you pair that with a heavy/sniper and use the level 7 heavy skill you can even “one shot” a scylla and capture it.

It is honestly not really worth capturing aliens at the beginning. It is high risk and low reward.
But if you really really need to, then use an assault with dash and then use 4 shots of the neuralizer. Having multiple assaults with dash and neuro makes it easier.

Later you get a pistol, which you can use with the sniper/heavy suggestion. Even later you get a tranq rifle, which I used to one shot scylla with rapid shot or whatever it is called.

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thanks for sharing, i totally didnt know that, ive been using the “turtle in armadilo and drive by gang up on a alien” and hit it with 5 times with the neuralizer as my vechile tanks the other 7 grenadiers. and my vheciles are beat up bad

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