15% Discount for Phoenix Point

If you want to pick Phoenix Point maybe this is a good oportunity to do it.

EDIT: I’m not sure but it looks like it’s only for the Luxury Digital Edition, someone can confirm this?

PCgamesN has news about it in the following link:


I didn’t include everything here because I don’t know if it’s some kind of promotion betwen Snapsot Games and PCgamesN and I don’t want to ruin it, please visit the link to have all the information (it’s very simple guys, nothing weird to do)

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Unstable wrote this on reddit as answer to my (similar) question:

Generally these promotional codes are only ever seen on our promotional Facebook ads.

I dunno if they have something with PCGamesN, didn’t seem like that to me.


It’s actually a FB code:


Thanks to both of you.
If an Admin thinks that they should delete this thread, go ahead a do it.

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Unstable let the reddit-thread up (and the PP twitter retweeted the pcgamesn article), so I think they don’t have a problem with us spreading the word about the LUX15.

and what about other LUX-es? :wink:

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Dunno, I’m not using FB so all I know is from other sources, which are second-hand at best according to UV :smiley:

This LUX15 -15% offer is still on and should be used to save some $$$ and fund team now.

Any set date when it ends?