Phoenix Point "Digital Extras" for XBOX PC Game Pass


Really happy of enjoying the game with XBOX Game Pass!

However, I did not find the way to find the “Digital Extras” that Steam players can download as owners of the game. I was trying to find the folder in the XBOX app files and it was impossible.

Is there any way to get these extras as XBOX player? Loving the game and thinking in the upgrade to Complete Edition for the next round!

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure if any gaming subscriptions can be considered as buying game. Thus I don’t think that there are any extras to download for players having such subscription.

Thanks a lot for your answer! I was also thinking about the Phoenix Point: Complete Edition in the PC Xbox Store. I know about the advantages of mods in the Steam version. But, for me the sync between my Xbox and PC is really nice. I was considering get into the Complete Edition in the Xbox-PC store but I will be happy to know if this edition also count with the extras as the Steam one…

Thanks a lot in advance!

Honestly, I am not sure if that edition has the digital extras. If it does not, then you can get them from here: PPDigitalExtras - Google Drive