Your house rules for Backers Builds

Hey there,

Do you guys (and girls) use any ‘house rules’ to make BB more interesting? I mean that you follow some restrictions and limitations for abilities, equipment, etc. that you think are more fair and realistic.

I currently have these (some are from previous BB but still apply):


  • Do not equip in prepared items more than 1 two-handed weapons for each soldier (if you want some additional put it in backpack)
  • Do not send soldiers to the mission if they have ‘healing’ status


  • Do not ram enemies if they are less than 8 squares than vehicle
  • Do not enter vehicle if you have less than 50% TU
  • After entering vehicle in the same turn use only such fraction of TU which would be left for the driver (so if he had only 25% after 50% use, move only 25% of Armadillo range, don’t ram and don’t attack)


  • Do not deploy turret unless you have 50% TU
  • Heal/repair/electrocute with mech arms maximum of 9 times overall per mission (so any combination of those 3 skills with maximum limit of some kind of battery charges), Remove Mindfragger skill do not count to this limit
  • Do not abuse overwatch bug where you use lower TU cost of lesser weapon to get shot from better weapon
  • Use Exertion max 2 times per turn


  • Not steal from havens which has good standing with you

Equipment restrictions:

  • Try not to abuse explosives in havens (mainly when building is in range)
  • Do not use explosives in tight places in alien bases
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Yes, I do, even if only recentlly I started it :smiley:

. No FireCats. I had some games where I abused FireCats, and understood they are so OP they take the fun down. So from that moment on FireCats are a no-no, but grenades and missiles are fair game.

. No crate looting in havens. In fact, not even in scavenging. In BB3 I’ve never opened a crate, but of course, I take ful advantage of every reward being offered in the end of each mission (even if once I had a really nasty haven defence mission that rewarded me a huge plus, to which the game replied not adding it to the resource pool)

. No armadillo. The ram is fun, but again, way OP.


Honestly, it’s prudent to avoid the ram in general…as powerful as it is, your ride can get stuck on things pretty easily ;o

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I tend to go for things I think will ultimately get implemented, to see how the game will feel when it’s not so OP.

So, Firecats & Missiles can only be fired in Alien tunnels that are more than 4 spaces wide.

No Armadillo in Alien bases.

Explosives in Haven Defence missions can only be used as a last resort - and you cannot loot Haven crates if you are ‘in the green’ with them.

Squaddies can only have one 2-handed weapon in a Ready Slot - though they can carry another 2HW slung over their shoulder (in the backpack).

No overwatch with pistols until the ‘pistol OW = main weapon’ bug was fixed.

I think that’s about it at the mo.