Worlds End Radio (fan fiction)

(A note from the author, the following is just something I felt like writing off the cuff, it’s fan fiction so obviously not canon and there may also be some minor errors in the lore. it’s intended more for entertainment value than anything else though so, hope you enjoy, feel free to comment below)

The air was filled with the sounds of electronic crackling, static and partially obscured swearing before the signal settled down into something vaguely auditable.

“Hello, hello? Is this thing on? A frig who cares, even if it’s working, probably nobody alive in a hundred miles who’s actually listening, even if they are, it’s not like the old days when you could just call in to one of these shows to recommend some crappy music or get the host to wish your cousin a happy birthday.”

“So, who is this anyway? To all my non-listeners, call me Dez, I used to be an old radio host from somewhere out in the Midwest, on some poxy station you probably never heard of. Not that it matters, not like that station exists anymore, or the Midwest for that matter.”

“Anyway, what am I doing here? Well on my travels through the wasteland, running away from bandits and mutants and god knows what else I found this old van that used to belong to some cable station, and after a bit of adjustment I managed to convert it to a radio transmitter, pretty comfy too. If you don’t mind the stains, it’s mostly blood, I think.”

“Well, old habits die hard, ain’t a good radio host if you don’t love the sound of your own voice, even if nobody’s probably listening. And now I don’t have to worry about some suit with an expensive suit and a cheap smile telling me how to talk and what I can and can’t say. I can swear as much as I god damn want now! That suits probably walking around somewhere with tentacles for a face now, warms my heart a bit, who says the end of the world has to be all miserable.”

“And if you all are anything like me your sick of listening to New Jericho propaganda or that constant stream of classical music the Synedrion stations churn out. Is it Synedrion or Synderion? I can never remember, don’t really care much frankly, I’m backed up on Bach and I’ve had more Wagner than you can shake a stick at.”
“So, what’s this station gonna be about? Hell if I know, I’m just making this as I go along, maybe I’ll get some fan mail in from all of the three people listening with some suggestions, by carrier pigeon or something, assuming they don’t get eaten by some unholy monstrosity.”

“Anyways, the battery on this thing’s getting pretty low, going to have to call it quits for now pretty soon, and aww hell, I never thought what I’m gonna call this show, Apocalypse Radio? Nah, sounds like a metal station, Revelation Radio? Pfft, that’s even worse, sounds like a Christian channel, hmm, wait, I got it, The Radio Station at the End of the World, or Worlds End Radio for short, I like it. Catchy, now if only I can find a copyright office still open to trademark it, guess I need to go and find that suit wearing tentacle face, this is Dez of Worlds End Radio, signing off folks.”

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Oooh, nice, I like the radio premise :smiley: