Will there be larger backer build?

We were told that the backer build would be a “taster”, then it was insinuated that it wouldn’t be happening in order to maximise the effort for the release date…

I really have no problem with the game being put back if the devs don’t think it’s ready yet. A lot of PC games are rushed to meet deadlines and are either missing content or are broken and require months of patching when they are released.

Take your time, within reason.

However given that this is not exactly the first delay will the BB5 be an actual Alpha/Beta of the game?

From a practical point of view it would make sense from 2 points of view

  1. There would be a massively increased QA with many more people playing the unfinished product on various different systems and hardware. Could be useful.

  2. It would make the increasingly apathetic backers a lot happier, just like I felt when Arsenal just signed Nicolas Pepe out of nowhere.



Aren’t soccer metaphors the best? :smiley: That’s why I always say, whenever a really stupid event happens, it’s like Real Madrid letting Cristiano Ronaldo go for 100M.

Regarding BB5, have no idea. If some dev wink wink whishes to share with us more developements, we would be so much happier. Like Atletico fans felt when Atletico signed Joao Félix :sunglasses:

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From what I’ve heard it should be more like beta but without story or something like that. But we will see. Maybe some elements are still so bugged that they won’t enter BB5, and I hope that most advanced items, most powerful skills, and at least half of enemies and their mutations won’t make it to this build. I want to be surprised by December release. And there was something about placeholder elements, so there mostly be what should be in game but may still look as not finished. :frowning:


Surely if there are bugs then it would be good to let us play it so we can report them before official release? BTW did you write some of the lore stories!?

No. I’m just the customer. And my story submitted to the contest probably wasn’t as good as those selected for the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

An updated Trello Roadmap would be enough information what to expect :wink:

I think that the Roadmap is long dead.

But UV mentioned it will be reanimated.

I actually replayed it for an hour last night. There must have been a lot of little minor updates. There are loads of little lore based events of sequences of events which give it some character.

My major concern, and I hope that I am wrong, is that it is not nearly ready, at E3 we were shown a polished version of BB4 which was concerning.

The fact that so little has been shown simply doesn’t make sense from a marketing perspective.

We have been shown assets…now even textures but nothing running.

I suspect that we will be given a look at the Anu faction and that the game will be further delayed until Spring.

Here you have overview what will probably be in BB5 :slight_smile: and what development team is working on (with sources):

What is troubling me now is, that they can include full research tree there… So I will have two options:

  • Use it and spoil for myself full release or
  • Omit research tree except first few technologies just to see how it works.

If there will be full research tree then I probably will be seduced to use it and test all possible upgrades. :frowning:


there won’t be a full research system, but a placeholder one to avoid spoilers

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Models are already rigged and animated. They can be translated between similar creatures. All the stuff you see is already animated.

Can you elaborate?

I’m not sure exactly how they will implement it, but presumably the research trees for each of the factions will just be a layer or two deep to give the player an indication of how the trees will look in the final game and to show off how the mechanic works without giving anything plot related away.

Sort of like how you cannot interact or do any base management in BB4, but you can see how the system will work when fully implemented

Well I haven’t seen it. If you have a link I’d appreciate it. Thanks. S

That was really interesting, thanks.

You quoted yourself, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to show.

Sorry, me being stupid. I meant this. However the video that Yokes posted pretty much explained everything we know so far, I think. It looks very promising.

You should definitely check all of Retcon Raider’s videos. They give a very cool summary of the briefings, show the development of the game, and so on.


TBH, RR did more for game marketing that devs themselves. Sure, he did use the info they gave out, but the info is all over the place (BB, trailers, Discord, News, stories, Fig, Interviews, etc.).