Will there be fun made music video with gameplay cutscenes?

Hi, I wonder if there will be some cutscenes or dynamic camera angles enabled in the game. Also do we have here someone with good video editing skills and if you have plans to create some fun made videos with some popular music?

Right now for example I have in my mind Linking Park - Leave Out All The Rest song showing how Isaiah Thomson and his team are fighting PV. They want to save humanity, don’t want to be forgotten by other humans and don’t want to be empty like virus creatures.

A lot of my PP videos have classic J-Pop in the background :cool:

But what I mean is a 3 minutes movie made mostly from action camera angles - not full gameplay :slight_smile: Something like in below link but with NJ battling PV. :wink:

Of course less dynamic as this is strategy, not FPS :wink: