Anu existenitial doubts

Hey people,

I wonder if someone of you has good video editing skills to create some music video with Phoenix Project content. :slight_smile: You probably heard of AMV (Anime Music Video) or GMV (Game Music Video). Examples:

or this from 27 sec to 1 min 10 sec:

Or even some Assassin’s Creed later trailers.

I would love to see video created when there will be all factions available simultaneously. Player could recruit Anu soldier and go fight NJ, Synedrion and Pandoravirus, then capture some action camera angles and put it together along with this music (maybe some cover - if original rights are too expensive to use):

I think it would fit perfectly. At the end soldiers of all factions could be shown standing next to each other (like Phoenix Project Assault, NJ Heavy, Anu Priest, and Synedrion Infiltrator) surrounded with many PV mutants.

You think it is possible to create such video?