Who's that doing the official PP YouTube playthrough? One request!

Whoever is doing the YouTube play-through right now on the official channel is great. Same person who does the short tips videos which are also super helpful for me who is just starting. More 5 min tip videos please!

But I have huge request for the play-through series – put something short in the video title that describes what happens in episode, eg. haven defense, story mission, aircraft theft, etc. That last one is what I desperately need now – how the heck do I steal another aircraft w/o losing half my squad. Would love to go back and find exactly which video you did it in please!

Other prolific YouTuber’s (Odd, xwynns) have some helpful keyword is their titles, but their play-throughs are from way back when the game was first released. This official one is up to date and on-going. I found the commentary about Danforth update half-way through really helpful. Keep up the good work!

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@UnstableVoltage congrats.

I agree, the playthrough is great and I really appreciate it :slight_smile: