I am really really missing a Character Pool

One of the best new Ideas Xcom 2 offered was and is the Character Pool with thousands of options to customize your own soldiers with a big chance to meet them ingame… Giving your soldiers an own with an own customized background story would give me really more immersion… Finger crossed something like a Character Pool will come later on by patches or addons, too


Hands down my favorite part of Xcom 2. Im one of the weirdos that spends nearly as much time making their characters as I do actually playing the game. It would be really amazing if they added this in, maybe mod support for extra options also :smiley: My Xcom 2 team looked like Tal’darim Protoss but sounded like WH 40k Dreadnoughts.

I miss the wall of heroes or whatever it was called. The memorial of all your deeds and dead haha


+1 on both of the above please.


1 year after, there is the memorial but always not a character pool and it really miss that for me… Bored to redo that at every attempt of playthrough…

I am surprised you are compelled to do so. Customisation and Character Pool in XCOM2 are great, but I don’t think it works for PP. I think it would need a complete redesign to make customisation worthwhile - as it is, your soldier’s equipment completely overpowers customisation. It might be, that PP has various pieces of equipment, which needs to be communicated visually - while FiraXCOM has same whole-body armor for everyone.

I would like to create characters as i like… voice, hairstyle, hair colour, name, etc… AND, when i will recreate a new game, would like to recover automatically (if i want) all the characters i created before, without the boring time it is to rebegin to recreate all those characters! (i don’t think at all about the equipment)

You can vote for it! https://feedback.phoenixpoint.info/feedback/p/charater-pool

Maybe with more votes, they reconsider it, who knows…