Will Phoenix point come to iOS/iPadOS?

I really enjoyed XCOM on iOS/was p-d off they abandoned it in the 32-64bit switch.

Thankfully enemy within was a separate application that was ported…

I’d hoped xcom 2 might be ported to IOS, as the touch interface is great, but maybe processing issues.

Are there any plans to try and port Phoenix point to IOS, or android, I think it’s do very, very, well, even if the graphics had to be toned down.

The problem with Phoenix Point on mobile isn’t really the graphics fidelity, but the amount of physics simulation and raytracing. It requires a serious amount of processing horsepower, from both the CPU and GPU. Mobile devices, including the Nintendo Switch just don’t have enough grunt currently to handle the game in it’s currently form.


Really bad, I think it will be really interesting to play Phoenix Point on mobile.
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Developing for iOS now means developing for MacOS too… given the Metal platform.
XCOM 2 was quite a complex game, in terms of resources, and was playable on 2018 iPads… for sure PP would not have any problem to run on Apple Silicon…
It would be a great porting… even improving the MacOS version.

From Apple Silicon onwards… developing for Mac and iPad should become easier and let you approach a vast purchase community, far larger than MacOS alone (Mac + iPad + iPhone).

I’ve a new Studio Ultra and… interested to see how new AAA games will approach the platform…