Playstation 5 upgrade: when?

Dear friends,
after having backed the game from day one (I’m one of those 1st Ufo Enemy Unknown super fans), but… not having had the time (and resources) to play it well on my Macbook Pro… I’ve bought it even for my PS5.
And now… having waited so much to play the game… maybe I’ll wait a little more to play it “at its best” on the new platform.
How long will I have to wait to obtain the new HD textures/graphics and the like?
Will you improve the characters/soldiers customisation engine/graphical quality?
Many thanks

As I understand “next gen” update is already out, and as next gen as it’s gonna get.

There is final (?) DLC coming soon, so after that the game is likely to be as complete as it’s ever going to get.

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Ps5 version is out. It even counts as separate trophies from ps4.

The game doesn’t look better but it runs far far better.

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To my knowledge, reading the news, the ps5 “definitive” version would have been released sometime in early 2022 with improved graphics. The current ps5 version is not taking advantage of improved graphical power and faster disk.