Will + Panic + Virus?

I had a Scylla in my face and to deal with it, at the start of my turn, it was sitting w 20/40 will, so I unleashed Anu virus hell upon it. When everyone was done (well, all 4 of us), we’d pumped in 50+ virus into her. Next turn she panicked.

But the following turn, despite having 40+ virus still in her, she was not panicked.

So my question:

I didn’t think to check, but, will only goes down to 0, not into negative?

Second question: Why didn’t she panic the second time? Did virus kick in before will regain?

I hope I have this correct. Panic kicks in when WP is at zero. However, the victim’s WP does not drop below zero. On the turn they panic and regain 1/2 of the max WP. In your case, that would be 20. They are no longer panicked and the virus removes 10 on the next turn. The Scylla now has 10 WP left until the next turn.

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