Will Linux Port need a seperate email from xsolla?

Did I miss something while purchasing?
I do want play on Linux.
When the build is ready will I be noticed?
Shall I contact xsolla?

We’re currently having a few technical issues with the Linux and Mac builds, We’re working to get them resolved as quickly as possible so that we can get them uploaded. We apologise for the slight delay.

Do understand, but do not answer the questions :slight_smile:

It does… the builds aren’t currently ready, so you haven’t been notified.
Once the builds are ready, you will be notified same as with the Windows Build.

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Sounds great, thank you!
I did receive the Link for the Windows build …

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Yeah, and they’ll likely send an email just like that once the linux and mac builds are good to go… they aren’t currently uploaded to the XSolla CDN, as Voltage said, and thus XSolla cannot at the current time provide you with a download link – they simply do not have the data themselves yet.

Would after all serve no one to distribute a broken build. =)

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Thanks for the info. The mail from XSolla had no indications it is for Windows build only, and after visiting the download link I was refreshing the page for the Linux/Mac to appear later.

We had intended for all builds to go out together. We’ve been working around the clock to resolve the technical issues, but missed the cutoff for the emails going out. We didn’t want to delay the launch, and as the Windows build seemed stable we let it go out. We will have the Mac and Linux versions uploaded as soon as possible.

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