Why Urtal Edition player must pay to upgrade one year edition

Hi I have a puzzled question , I bought a Phoenix Poin Urtal Edition from EPIC before, recently I found
EPIC relased the only version one year edition , the past base dluexe and Urtal Edition are all Off shelf
and there has a upgrade option , No matter what version you bought before ,you must pay for upgrade
and must pay same price , why ? form the version content introduction, I thought the Urtal Edition
contains all the content of one year edition . So why Urtal Edition user need to pay for upgrade? and need to pay same price ?

As far as I can remember, most of early packages, with exception of “season pass” added electronic goodies such as PDFs, art, at best Living Weapons DLC before official, but none included DLCs that are now part of Year One steam release.

So, yes, sadly you might need to upgrade, even if you paid stiff price early.

That is not entirely true, you only have to upgrade if you want to have the same DLC as the One Year Edition has. You should be able to access (install and play) the game that you bought without upgrading anything. If not, then this would be … well, criminal?

I for myself have the normal game + Living Weapons + Season Pass and was able to install it from the game library and play it, of course, I have all that is equal to the One Year Edition. But, when I go to the Epic shop site of Phoenix Point I could also buy the One Year Edition. The shop site doesn’t realize that I already have anything that is included in there. Even more, the shop site states NOTHING what I already have, because the parts that I bought are not longer there, it looks like as I would have nothing bought.

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Thank you for your detailed explanation. I have been frustrated before, because I feel that as a consumer, I did not get the respect that EPIC or game developers deserve. They do not consider customers who have purchased part or all of the content before, directly Repackage, release a new version, and tell me that you have to pay to reach a new starting point. Is this kidding? Where is the spirit of contract? Is it fair to users? For this reason, I have communicated with EPIC and game developers many times. However, EPIC said that they could not do anything. They asked me to contact the game developer. The game developer said what new content has been added to our new version, so you have to pay and don’t think about it. What did they sell before

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In a way it’s perfectly fair to users.
You paid for the game without any DLC, therefore if you want the DLC you need to pay for it.
Year One Edition is basically the bundle of game and the first three DLC, and priced for it.

If you paid for the game+DLC before, then you… Get the game+DLC now by getting the upgrade to the Y1 Edition.
So yeah, you got exactly what you paid for, even if prices changed. I don’t think many, or any, people that sell things start giving out refunds for changed prices.

There is no content exclusive to Year One edition. If you own content released so far - you have all Year One edition includes (Year One edition includes: Base game, Living Weapons DLC, Blood&Titanium DLC, and Legacy of the Ancients DLC).

Your version will still be supported and, if you didn’t buy DLCs yet, the current £6 upgrade option is actually far better offer, then buying all the included DLCs separately (which I don’t think is possible anymore)

As to Epic not recognising you owning PP because it got repackaged. Yeah it happens and it’s annoying. Platforms like steam or gog, often advertise to me games I already own - either because they got repackaged, or my Kickstarter key was different then one on sale from retailer.


To clarify, you don’t need to pay anything if you want to play what you have bought.
You only need to pay if you want to play the newest version with all DLC inside that are released to this point and honestly, the actual price is pretty low … see edit below, the rest here is obsolete … and close to the same as when you bought the 3 DLC separately in the past that are now included.

Oh, I see the upgrade is even cheaper as I thought. It is a no-brainer if you currently don’t have any of the 3 DLC but the base game. Honestly, 6€ for all the stuff?

Another Edit, as I’m looking at the Epic Store:

This is not (longer?) true, actually I can’t buy the Year One Edition, it shows me “not available”.
Maybe they have changed something so that the store now realised that I already have the game. But I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t the case as I looked at the release on 3rd of December.

People am I reading wrong or did you all not read the OP? It’s about the ultra edition, it comes with the season pass already, so the guy doesn’t need to buy or upgrade anything!

To the OP: your version already contains all the content, you don’t need to “upgrade”, it just isn’t called “One Year Edition”, that’s all. It’s like buying Mortal Kombat at launch and then all DLCs vs buying the “ultimate edition” or something like that. Same content, just a different name for the package.

But it is, at least my PP base game with Season pass:


I don’t know what the problem of the OP is when he already have anything. Just install it with the Epic launcher and all is fine …

OK I took the time to go to the epic store page and now there’s only the Year One Edition. For me it’s listed as unavailable but it also lists the Year One Edition as a cheap upgrade.

If you already had both the season pass AND the living weapons pack, then the only thing left that may have any difference is this:

Is anything listed there lacking from the Ultra Edition? (I don’t have it) If it does, then that’s why the upgrade is available.

If it doesn’t… then this is just an Epic bug, just forget about it.

Edit: just checked in my library that my “Phoenix Point Content” contains just the digital game manual and the wallpapers. So, I guess the upgrade is for the other things: artbook, compendium and soundtrack. I don’t know if these came with the Ultra Edition though.

Edit 2: Just took a look at the cover art for the Mokushi soundtrack, wtf is that text? :alien:
And what is this soundtrack? Does this have any relation to PP, why is this bonus content?

First of all, thank you for your enthusiastic analysis and answers, but there are some very interesting things happening about EPIC. I want to share with you. After I continue to communicate with EPIC customer service through emails, their response attitude has changed. Tell me about this. It’s a very complicated issue. Their technicians are investigating, and something magical happened. The paid upgrade option for the one year edition that was shown to me by the official EPIC store became unavailable. Then I found out that my EPIC game launcher In the game library , the one year version has been saved and can be downloaded and used directly, which shows. . . . There must be something wrong or unreasonable before, they finally started to solve it
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Ah, Epic.

On a side note I do wonder. For a user such as yourself, who owns Phoenix Point Ultra (Base game, Living weapons DLC and season pass: DLC1-5) will the DLCs 3-5 transfer to Year One decision, if you would decide to upgrade?

Until now ,the result is if you owns Phoenix Point Ultra, in EPIC STORE WEB The Year one Edition is unavailable ,and pay for upgrade option is unavailable also now , it doesn’t display the object you had already . But in EPIC launcher game library ,EPIC database display you have one year edition with 5 DLC that mean DLCs 3-5 transfer to Year One, I don’t need to make a decision , EPIC solve problems in it’s own way

Almost the same for me (basic, not ultra version, although I’m an original backer and thus got the season pass). The only difference is that the year one upgrade is still available for purchase even though my library shows I have the year one edition. Just an Epic bug.

I don’t think so, there are still the digital extras that are not included at least in my version (base game + season pass + weapon pack, bought on Epic in the past), but in the Ultra version they were, I think(?).
I assume that any instance of PP is now called Year One Edition, regardless of the version one really has, even the pure base game without anything. And this is of course very irritating for anyone.

Yes , if you have Ultra version before , you will find the EPIC game library had two object one is Year edition ,and the other is Phoenix Point content , this is the digital extras. The only regret may be Soundtrack ,only get form the pre-order gift

Yeah I also have the “Phoenix Point Context” however mine only has manual and wallpapers. You’re right, I forgot, I said this should be the difference myself a few posts back :joy:

I’m stressed out here trying to solve my internet connectivity problems…