Why Ragnarok is so most expensive than Thor mounted weapon?

They seem very similar in statistic… but Ragnarok is much more expensive.


Other players have noticed it too. Ragnarok missiles cost 49 tech and 145 materials each, but the Thor AML missiles only cost 18 tech and 36 materials each. The Ragnarok and Thor AML mounted weapons are similar weapons but they have their own advantages and tradeoffs relative to each other. Ragnarok has better Shred stat, Thor AML has better Blast and Effective Range Stats. So it makes no sense that the Ragnarok missiles are so much more expensive than the Thor AML missiles.

I can only hope that Snapshot Games notices this discrepancy so it can get fixed in a future patch update. If the extremely high cost (150 materials and 75 tech each) of the Bionic Repair Kit could get fixed as well, that’d be really awesome too.

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Thank you. I really don´t understand it because they are to similar… i thinked that maybe Ragnarok have some hidden feature to justify the bigger price, but it seems not.


There is no definitive answer, but general note that any weapon that shreds in game is quite more expensive then non-shred counter (e.g. compare shredding rifles and snipers to best synderion ones). Since shred negates armor it gives good damage boost even it does not look that way when looking purely on damage. In pratice they are way better, especially vs scyllas, sirens and late game heavily armoured enemies. Usually they have way less ammo in clips - that is obstacle to mass use in end mission, otheriwise I tend to use them.

Only replacement for shreding are snipers with ability to remove armor, berserker ability to destroy armor or heavy use of explosives and granade launcher.

The ammo costs of high armour-shred weapons like the Harrower shotgun, Mjolnir hand grenade and the Jormungandr acid cannon are pretty reasonable for what those weapons can do. It’s just the Ragnarok that has such an extremely high, out of all proportion ammo cost relative to the weapon’s statline.