How do you strip armour?

In the demo you had a heavy gun that could strip armour pretty easily but now it seems the best option is grenades, which only strip 3 armour per hit…

My neuralyser is useless because all the enemies have 30 armour on their torso, which is where my idiot soldier aims with the melee weapon. I’ve been trying to strip their armour but I’ve basically got grenades, which usually kill them before stripping them below 10, or that perk that removes armour to a damaged body part, but then I have to use a powerful weapon to destroy the torso without killing the actual enemy which is impossible because their torso health is 120 while their main health is 130. Which means that the neuralyser would just kill them anyway, or they’d bleed to death next round.

… Unless you can use med-kits on aliens? Didn’t think of that until now. Still, that’s not exactly an ideal solution… Plus, I doubt it recognises them as targets anyway.

Would be pretty nice if I could select where to hit with the melee weapon, like with the guns.

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Use one of these:
Mjolnir Grenade
Deceptor MG
Watcher AT

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there is usually a weak point that has little armor on targets and agree that its odd how little armor is shed with grenades, I used them a lot less other then the grenade launcher for clearing space and its angular reach. Other methods like heavy weapons by itself removes some armor at lest.

With all that, I did notice abilities like the snipers to simply remove armor when struck and some weapons have penetration qualities to ignore armor so I feel they want you to build into a method of strategy with class abilities, types of weapon attributes rather then just lob a grenade and call it good. Granted though, there is better type of grenades down the road.

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Don’t think I’ve unlocked any of those yet. Most of my research seems to have given me nothing but some lore on the different aliens.

Deceptor is available with any NJ Heavy. But well you don’t want to kill enemy so it and PK-LKT drop out.

Watcher AT is also not reliable.

Shredder is available after Disciples shredding research, which can be quite late. And after that you develop advanced shredding tech which unlocks Mjolnir and Ragnarok.

Or is there any chance that Disciples discovered Acid tech? Then you can access Devourer and Synod Grenade. They work in time but can be devastating to enemy armor.

Or maybe Synedrion discovered Neurotoxin tech? Then use Hera handgun instead of Neurazer.

If not then… In that case just attack many times and hope for hit in other body parts than torso.

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For the shred research, do you mean Jericho?

I’ve gotten the Disciples to rank 74 and they’ve given me some acid stuff but nothing that shreds. Haven’t tried the acid stuff yet. Only just got it. Those grenades have a beefy supply cost though…

Yeah, I’ve found out that if you attack from certain angles you’re more likely to hit their arm or head instead of the torso. Depends on the enemy really. The bigger ones like sirens are actually easier to stun because of the whole armour issue, haha.

Shred tech is also from Disciples. It may be their next research after Acid… But I’m not quite sure of it.

Ah yeah. I’ve just come across it now. Strange that only one of the 4 factions can shred armour effectively… Especially since it seems to be the main difficulty curve.

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4 factions? If you mean also Phoenix Project then we make upgraded versions based on other tech. :slight_smile:

Synedrion rely on accuracy, poison and paralyzing. Not too well tech, but they are supposed to be peaceful in nature. :wink:

Disciples have few acid/shred weapons, powerful melee weapons and priest. :slight_smile:

New Jericho has heavy weapons which should be enough for most cases. :slight_smile:

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I’ve gotten a few acid weapons and honestly… they seem pretty terrible. How many turns do the devs want us to stand and wait for armour and health to slowly disappear? At first I thought “nah, surely each acid stack does 10 damage per turn” because that would be balanced. Literally 10 times the damage would have been balanced. 5 acid for every action point is pretty terrible though. Guess I’ll just have to focus on guns that can blast through armour with raw damage.

It does 10 damage per turn to each affected body part. Value of 5 on weapon info only means it will work for 5 turns.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) next applies only stack time it will work. Not the damage per turn.

Ah I see. So multiple hits just means it lasts longer.
Still, 10 damage a turn is pitiful. Even if it is to armour. There’s just no situation in which it would be tactically better to use acid than to just aim for their least armoured body part.

I’ll have a look at the shredding weapons. I’ve almost unlocked them now. So hopefully they’ll be better. The mini-gun in the demo was crazy good for armour stripping, so if it were something like that then that would be good.

Especially not when you can dash around and kill everything on turn 1. It might be a different story if you actually had less superhero mechanics in game and were forced to shoot and then run.

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This is Deceptor and similar to it PK-LKT. But they would more likely kill your target instead of shredding only armor and enabling use of paralyze.

Yeah, but those superhero mechanics are kinda necessary when you end up with your 6 measly soldiers going up against 30 odd aliens.

But most of the feedback is about debuffing soldier skills and decreasing enemy count (who can be replaced by tougher enemies in lower numbers).

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