Why no flashbangs?

I think PP would benefit from some utility grenades like Flashbang or Smoke, which would allow some more tactical approach instead of current Alpha-Strike gameplay… Smoke Grenades to obscure area, which would be quite nice to have considering how shooting works in this game, while Flashbangs could just simply blind the opponent for a single turn giving player time to handle the situation next turn… (after all, you spend 2AP throwing the grenade)…


And once again: a good example what a vivisection could be usefull for. Tritons which can make their fog -> PP smoke granade.
Flashbang: syn has some granade which confuse the enemy or something like that dont know excactly what it was…

Really hope snapshot make vivisection more satisfactionly for the Players. There is a vote on canny for that. And in Think i have to ask that in the nex QA Session :slight_smile:

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Synedrion’s grenade (Kydoimos) does 10 sonic damage. Which means a daze (equivalent of a flashbang I guess) if target has 10 WP or lower (not so easy to use).
I think I read somewhere that they planned to make it stronger (maybe in Canny).

Don’t go this way. Mist should have nothing to do with smoke grenade. The same as autopsies should not have with Grenade Launcher and Shotgun.


Good suggestions, that’s worth putting on canny.

Hehe i have known that there could be an other opinion by you :wink: i Think there are just two different ways “people” would like to see the game goes. More realistic (like you want) or more “game-like”…
Perhaps there is a Middle way. Would be ok for me. But in every way there must be “more” Players get due to research enemies and vivisection. Currently it is boring. We need some new game relevant thinks due to this. As it is a high Motivation to get cool stuff or even more At the battlefield (sweat spot, new ranges etc)…

As the person who put the vote you mentioned on Canny, @Leanproduction, I couldn’t agree more.

While I very often find myself on the same page as Yokes, I disagree with him here. Anything that makes Research & Vivisection actually worth doing, rather than just generating some tedious flavour text which describes what I knew already, is a good thing in my book.

So yea, bring on Smoke Grenades from Tritons; Flashbangs from Worm Chirons; Will Depressors from Sirens; AP Rounds from Arthron Vivs; Goo Bombs from Goo Chirons; High Explosives from Bombardiers; Poison Grenades from Poisonworm Chirons - stuff that gives us tactical options as players and makes Research worth the effort.

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So I would rather bring Cameleon Suit from Tritons instead of Smoke Grenade. :stuck_out_tongue:

If both existed as research options, you’d be able to make that choice in game :wink:

But humanity doesn’t have to research smoke grenades. We already had it like 100 years before the game times.

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We’ve had it, doesn’t mean we still have it, and I doubt we’d have access to YouTube in the setting of PP.

principle how to make a smoke grenade is very simple… it should be standard issue grenade you have available from the start… as its more of a tactical tool than a “killing everything” weapon…

You can also look at research as digging up the specs and calibrating the machines needed to produce an item. So you’re not “rediscovering” the lost technology of smoke grenades rather you’re spending time figuring out how to program the equipment.

But why base it on Triton autopsy then?

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Because it’s a game and that’s how games are. Or you could say they’re learning to adjust the mix to be effective against Pandoran sensory organs as well as human.

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So I can give few examples of more interesting technologies which can be unlocked by Triton autopsy. Maybe even less realistic but giving more fun to the game. :wink:

You could also say that you’re not getting the tech as a result of the autopsy/vivisection rather after researching that creature and its tactics you find tech x would be effective against that creature and so pull up the specs for it. That would explain why things like grenade launchers and shotguns come from the seemingly unrelated researching of creatures.

Yes you can always add the story to any single occurrence of something not related. That is why religion has kept people’s minds for so many centuries. I need clear action - reaction element. Making weapon to counter something should be separate research. First you discover problem, then you discover solution to it.

Your argument could lead to research of anything after everything: ‘Oh that is how facehugger looks inside. We bring small portable nuclear bombs to the table.’

You might be over estimating the R&D capabilities of a couple of dozen PP soldiers a tad there.

Besides; it’d be a damn site easier to just make better helmets.

Making cameleon suits would be also better than smoke grenades. :slightly_smiling_face: