Why is fire so overpowered?

Why did you make fire so devastating and overpowered? If I can throw flame grenades into a chokepoint, the enemy is done for and stands zero chance in the match. If they try to move through it, which they almost always do, it results in something like 1) 75-100% of their limbs being destroyed, 20-50 bleeding, and 20-50 burn damage. It renders them completely useless. And fire lasts very long on the map before dissipating.

And the same thing happens to my troops. In some of the Ancient Ruins especially, it becomes difficult to handle Chirons with fire worms. And if those fire bois light one of my people on fire, that person is guaranteed to be useless for the rest of the match.

Is it just me, or is this mechanic absurd? I realize it might just be me… It seems like one OP mechanic is replaced with another - often more OP - mechanic.

And yes, I realize you can avoid it. It is most devastating when use by the player because the players has more access to these weapons than the enemies do. Or, if not “more access”, at least, the enemies use this less than the player can. But it seems so cheap, regardless of if you are using it, or if the enemy is using it against you.


New Jericho have some tech that can protect against fires.

still, fire causing bleeding? if anything, fire should stop the bleeding…


Fire is overpowered for sure. If a soldier inside fire, i lose it so badly as he got everything destroyed. It’s like not fire but lava.

Bear in mind that fire and other damage-over-time effects are always less dangerous than up-front damage because they give you some chance to respond and get the soldier away to heal. It’s a lot better to be hit with a fire attack than the weapons of the mid- and late-game enemies, like the Arthrons that do 50x6 damage with their machine guns, or the Sirens that do 80x2 with 20 bleed.

Fire is different then all Dots. When you hit by fire, your soldier is half dead and if not it became that when you try to run. It’s buggy for sure because sometimes it’s not so bad but sometimes It act like lava then fire.

I changed all my hand grenades to fire as I searched it as soon as possible. Even I don’t use grenades at all, when I need, fire is the solution. To be honest, all other grenades are so useless totally… If you want explosion, just use your bombarider heavy…

Well, fire grenades need a fairly advanced tech and are a lot more expensive than regular ones, so if they weren’t better there wouldn’t be much point using them.

I’ve been using the Dante a bit in my current campaign. It’s not bad once you learn how it works, but the UI for its hitbox really is terrible.

It doesn’t help that enemy AI is dumb and runs into the fire to try to heal a burning friend.

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It’s not so useful against enemies with high armour, I think maybe 30 or above. Your heavy, for example, should be able to walk out of a fire with only minor damage.

Fire is the most deadlies source now. If you take hit from fire, you can expect you are losing 2 arms and 2 legs, causing 40 bleeding damage and render you soldier as cripple.

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Actually a heavy trying to walk out of a fire will lose all of their limbs.
It would tick for 10 damage/tile given fire caps at 40 damage and heavies have 30 armor, given human limbs have 60 health and they likely took 10~20 damage limb damage (particularly if it was an NJ grenade) then just getting out of the fire zone would leave him with around 20 limb health at best and that’s if pathing was kind to you. If it was a fireworm, though, he might not take initial limb damage but the fire zone is far larger making walking out of the a death sentence.
So, not really, only pandorans can have enough armor to withstand fire for any appreciable amount.

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If I’m not wrong, only Chirons and Scyllas with the heavy legs have more armor than the Golem (30) or Anvil 2 (35) leg armor.

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I don’t have much PP fire experience (never used fire items, only the Dante the one time and it was so bad in an earlier game version that I unequipped for good), BUT recently in cthulhu patch I took a fire grenade from an enemy and it was death for 2 non-heavies and incapacitation for the heavy, as I didn’t have a technician yet and I had to walk through multiple fire tiles to exit the fire zone. After he walked out and could be healed, there were a lot of red limbs.

From that I would think that it’s devastating, but I see fire being used so rarely that I forget about it. In my current campaign I saw one NJ haven soldier using a fire grenade on an arthron and that made me reverse engineer the only one I had, though I didn’t play after that and thus didn’t use it. I also rarely use grenades though because my heavies already grenade the sh1t out of the enemies with their GLs…

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Methane in the blood of the Pandorans? I’d trade that off, for Auto Turrets, Reloading Vehicles, and a few other things, like Heavy Armor actually protecting as it does the Pure.

Ehh … Experience says, Nope, not true, unless the Scylla & Chiron’s legs are nearly destroyed to begin with