Why do soldier never get better a firing their weapons?

There are various characteristics that improve with a soldier throughout their careers, but generally speaking they never get more accurate with firing their weapons. From rookie to veteran, there is no improvement. It’s a concept that is inherent with a soldier, but in this game it doesn’t happen. They gain extra skills, but not accuracy!

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I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that it was a deliberate design choice not to have accuracy as a stat because otherwise everyone would max it.

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Aim is one of passive attributes that can’t be increased, but can be modified via equipment. There are some exceptions, like “master marksman” perk.

I like to think of weapons spreads as… well weapons spreads, rather then soldier’s ability to hit a target.

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But not at first bullet and a soldiers skill will highly improve other shots too at a burst. For example, AR’s can be fired at least 3 bullet on point. So at one shot weapons or small burst, an ACC stat could be used. But at this game acc is something weapon related and using at balancing.

Rather then a stat like str,speed or will power, acc could be better with leveling. I don’t like that soldiers get random prof. about a weapon type. An assault can use a sniper at lvl 6 suddenly with a 3. perk… why? What happened to him when he became lvl 6? He figured out this gift just when he is at lvl 6? So it’s lame and like multi-class system, it makes the classes and skill balancing much more chaotic even chaos state which impossible to balance.

Game will get weapon mods sooner or later so acc buff will stay still on items rather then soldiers. This is just the choice of the devs. The problem is all the sandbox skill system.

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That’s assuming of course, mods would add stat buffs. Maybe they will, maybe they will not. If they do, I expect them to come with a disadvantage like weapons and armor themselves. However, we already have “higher accuracy, lower damage/pen/etc.” variety (aka. I made synedrion sniper rifle out of Phoenix point sniper rifle by adding a +aim/-damage mod on it), so I feel mods should add something new then impliment existing systems in a different way


I was kind of dissapointed when mods werent in the game. But just straight up advantages would be boring and imho not fit with PP design philosofoy.

Maybe things like a scope: adds range to your weapon but makes it cost 1AP more to shoot or something.
Gives an accuracy boost but isent free so leaves you considering pros and cons :blush:

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