Should perks scale with levels?

I’m sure that when I was playing the other day that I had two guys who both had the same perk, but that it became available to them at different levels. From what I recall it was an accuracy bonus and they both had a 10% boost even though one got it at level 4 and the other at level 7. This led me to feel that either one guy was getting an OP perk for their level, or that the other was getting an UP perk for theirs.

I’ve been chewing over it for a couple of days since and at first was going to suggest that perks should be tied to a given level, for some like our current BB5 dash that might not be such a bad idea (to stick it at only level 7) but I wonder whether a better idea might be to have the perk scale dependent upon the level where it was acquired.

A couple of examples:

That accuracy bonus could go
Level 1 = 2% boost
Level 2 = 4% boost
Level 3 = 6% boost
and so on…

Level 1 = A dash of 2 tiles
Level 2 = A dash of 3 tiles
Level 3 = A dash of 4 tiles
and so on…

Obviously this wouldn’t work for all perks, and there might be some where you still restrict the levels that perk can appear at, but it could help avoid that feeling of perks being OP/UP, it’d make soldiers feel more unique, the higher level perks that they got would be more of a big deal, and you could have more unique perks available for each level.

Sounds reasonable. But I would just remove their level prerequisite. Let a soldier have some perks and let them take at any level, just maybe 1 perk per level. So for example if there are 3 perks, then you can only take 1 at 2nd level, and if you didn’t do it earlier then on 3rd level you can take 2 at once but not 3.

It would be nice if perks would originate from what soldier does, instead of being random. Like you get option to improve grenade throw if soldier was throwing grenades in the battle. More movement range if he was dashing. Pistol accuracy and basic proficiency if he was using pistol and etc.


Eh, I am yet to see an example of such system working well.

JA2 does that, you either train this skill with a skilled instructor or actively use it in battle to improve. Same goes for Xenonauts and old XCOM games.


This system is mostly seen in action RPG like Gothic for example but I also Think that would be great solution. Just leveling up skills by using them to be better, not those random things from nowhere. I think game like this need more and more realistic mechanics.