Why do haven defenders stand there like lemons?

Instead of helping out?

And most of the time their first round it’s skipped.

Defender and Attackers use the same kind of Alert system. In addition, each unit acts independly, so it is possible to alert 1 unit while the other is not alerted.

Pandas that are not alerted, just roam targetless.
Some pandas use silencers with their weapons, so if they shoot, NPC don’t get alerted.

They only stand there if they don’t see an enemy. As soon as they see an enemy, they run into their face to get blown up as quickly as possible. I try to catch them right at the start, otherwise they are just a liability, unfortunately.

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“Run! PP wants to convert us…”

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Hmm in reality this problem is with the AI in general. After some patch, enemies started doing their things and finishing their turns with a few-tiles movement out of cover. Haven defenders do the same.

After the pandoran evolution system was released, the evolution descriptions say when arthrons and others are/get “intelligent”. I think this should translate in different AI’s, or at least that’s what I expect when I read this. I suspect this may be the case, but I can’t tell much of a difference between them atm, they all feel dumb.

Haven defenders should always have this intelligent behavior like evolved pandorans, maybe with the exception of Anu berserkers. There could be 2 or 3 levels of AI intelligence, and SYN in general should not have the first one, neither NJ. Even at the top level they do not need to be very good, they should just try to use cover at least.

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