Why are we fighting Mutons in January and Sectoids in September?

I’m talking about the Pure and Forgotten. What I mean is that the first encounters with The Pure and Forgotten are with the toughest armor there is. And it is at the time when Phoenix Point doesn’t have the tools to deal with it. But then when PP has the tools, suddenly you can kill them by sneezing. Shouldn’t this be the other way around? In early encounters only 1 PP unit can deal with those enemies (2 but very close) Sniper and Heavy. Assaults need few turns to kill them. Melee doesn’t exist as berserkers aren’t available yet (well not the normal way). If the Juggernaut armor is the pinnacle of cybernetics as we get in the cinematics, shouldn’t this technology be the last one they seek?

Shouldn’t also in this case we be fighting the most toughest pandorans and then fighting with the less armored ones?

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