Who Are We In The Game?

In all of past X-COM/XCOM games, we play as the “Commander”. But what exactly are we this time round?

Phoenix point,We are the only ones doing the job killing the Pandora virus instead of the other faction doing nothing, traveling around the world and waiting to get attacked by aliens.

When the other faction are bored,they make announcement saying they hate and disagree with each other,then starting a war with others later,they must have forgotten who the true enemy is,it is so unfortunate the developers got it wrong

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I mean, who are YOU the player in the game? In all of XCOM, X-COM games, we are this guy called the “Commander” but in PP I don’t feel the existence of an entity that is “me” if you get what I mean. So who is commanding these troops on the ground? Who is making all the decisions on what to reserach, what to manufacture etc? Who is this “thing” we are playing as?

Ah, yes,the commander in the xcom franchise,l don’t think the 2k developers did write a full story and lore about the commander

But l heard from some theory saying the commander is in fact a elderly for some unknown reason trying to protect humanity from his kind

The introduction evokes the main character/player character, he is clearly the future commander to replace the last dead commander. But that’s it, nothing else after.

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