When the Key for game comming

Just play Packer Build, now when comes the Key for the final game?
Don’t recive any mail or something

Hey, it camed like 2 - 3 days before the game release date,

Check your email spam folder, and in case you didn’t find anything, you can send a mail to support, if possible with your backer command number / payment mail. You’re not the only one reporting this, it may have been an issue during the mass key send. People witch that happened report that they had the key received within hours after the ticket send to support :slight_smile:

to further expand on what Lemdoran said, check in your spam/trash/promotions folders for an email from contact@snapshotgames.com from about last week. If you cannot find it, email them with your transaction ID number

I check, nothing … i drop an E-mail to contact@snapshotgames.com