Waiting on Steam key


Sorry creating this topic again due to the fact that Snapshot has not been responding to my email that I have sent to contact@snapshotgames.com requesting my Steam key.

The emails where also sent from the email used to purchase the game and I also provided the transaction ID so all information should be there.

I purchased the game on 14 March 2019 which should confirm me receiving a Steam key as per the terms?

Hoping one of the admins sees this…

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The admins here are moderators and have no

Not to mention they dont know your email so they’d have no idea where to look in the first place

As per the notification, if you didn’t fill in the survey then you’re gonna have to wait for them to manually process your request. Which is going to take time because they have to cross reference it manually. In addition to dealing with all hte launch day stuff.

tl;dr be patient

Also it’s a weekend now.

Ditto. No word from Snapshot or anyone about the Steam keys now that the game is released. I bought the requisite version and have had early access since they were emailing links (pre-Epic). I see Admins can’t issue them, but just looking for information. Thanks.

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