What's the Current State of Game, (also Simeon OST DL Link?)

As much as this might make me seem more dramatic, I don’t feel that way in regards to the game and current world events. I’m immune compromised, and thus exceedingly anxious. I don’t need to play the game now, it’s not really a priority. I’m keeping myself busy with many things at home. Anyway, I want to know the current state of the game, above all, how well it’s balanced. Further, Has Simeon’s Soundtrack available to DL anywhere? Is it in FLAC? Electronic music (but also all music) is a big passion of mine and for the firs ttime in my life i have one of those “budget but still expensive” headphone sets which make sound clearer than ever before. I’d really like to listen to the soundtrack and in the maximum possible quality. I’m almost MORE concerned about that. I planned on playing innumerable hours of PP (ivenot played it as of yet) down the line with bug fixes, more mechanics, as i LOVE X-Com Apocalypse more than almost any strategy game I can think of, back in the day. Anyway, sorry… It seems im suffering a lot more strress than i thoiught. Which is why im making a fool of myself here.

What I can answer:

In development.

Avengers vs Thanos army (you will see impossible happen on both sides)

EDIT. Maybe I will add that game is mostly playable unless you will face some of rare bugs or situation with unbalanced enemy when you don’t have any of your super-heroes available. But many players enjoy the game.

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`so still has balance issues. ‘1.0’ in name only. alright i get it. im sure it’ll get better over time. Not sure if i’ll play it right now. Haven’t decided. So it looks like Simeon’s OST is in the DL for the game on epic, but not in FLAC. i’d really like to get it lossless. Broomhall’s too. I’d like to get both OST’s in FLAC.

sorry for bump. Hoping a dev can send me to the Backer and Official OST in flac (I own the biggest edition)

Here are my thoughts here, which pretty comprehensively sum up where I think the game is at - and where it should be: Final feedback from Michael Ignotus [spoilers redacted]

Thanks man. Gonna give it a look. Could a develop who sees this send out FLAC ost’s of both Backer and Official OSTs? Sorry for being repetitive, I really wanna jam.

Send us an email to contact@snapshotgames.com and I’ll pass it on to our sound designer/composer. I can’t promise anything - but he’ll be the one to ask.

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Thanks a lot UV!

@UnstableVoltage - can you also send a bucket of love to the sound designer/composer from me, please? They’ve done a really good job as far as I’m concerned and would like them to know it. :v: