Oh my God… it’s amazing. Please don’t lock the soundtrack behind backer build gameplay. I’m enjoying the demo content. I’m blown away but how GOOD and IMMERSIVE the current soundtrack is. I implore Snapshot to arrange the backer build soundtrack and release it to us. also, please in the final build, let us keep Freiheit!


I’m guessing there aren’t any recent statements made by Snapshot on this?
I have my fingers crossed!

I think UnstableVoltage commented in this stream -> that the won’t keeping the BB music : (

he has previously stated that they are going to try to do something with the music because they know the fans like it

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Even just releasing unarranged clips would be nice. Fans can arrange. No effort by snapshot is needed if they dont want to or cant spare time.

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+1 to release it + keep it as optional music next to real spooky music we are awaiting
(option Simons Atnospehic Music ON)

They cannot have Simeon’s music in the game. It would violate the contract they signed with John Broomhall, which is for him to do all the music in the game.

I can’t know the exact contract, but I remember UV using the word “exclusive”, which maybe means it’s not possible even as “extra backer reward” or so?

(Not a lawyer etc.)

I think the exclusive refers just to music in the game, not music outside the game, but I may be wrong. Have not read the contract.

Also, not a lawyer

Every contract can be annexed with both parties good will.

And it can be just option, or atmospheric tactical situation change music while intro, themese, fractions, ufopedia etc. could have the “orchestral music”

I’m only asking for the music to be available for download OUTSIDE the game. I really like Broomhall. Please no one take this as a knock on him. But Simeon’s music he composed for the alpha/prerelease content is really good. I just dont want it to disappear.

Would it be possible to get a dedicated Music and Sound Design discussion thread? I thought about making one, but didn’t want to be pretentious. I would love to be able to suggest stuff to Broomhall. For example, OG X-Com I think, needed more active and sci-fi sounds, less orchestra-ish stuff, and more fast paced sci-fi (synth and other stuff) which reflects violent combat. I loved the eerie foreboding music of OG X-Com. Please make it creepier and more foreboding!

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You can add likes of current music to this one

lol alright i just did.

I ment posts and comments on current pre alpha music could continue there.

It seems this isn’t real feedback forum (to company, developers) - we can only discuss among st ourselves.

What company will do/decide, we have to accept. Capitalism is not a democracy for real.

Unstable Voltage does look at these forums and passes on our suggestions and stuff to the team. He also hangs around on the Discord chat, along with several of the devs, including Julian himself! :o

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While that is something, at same it does not guarantee any bugfixes or feedback input at level real beta testers are involved in game development (by similar freedback). We could now best judge by included fixes and maybe even some suggestions in BBs/final game. But again, that is merely a hope and only indicator of “feedback acknowledged where found reasonable”.

One year to release is enough time and at same time not enough time to change/fix things.

Nice ongoing example is this - will nice BB music be kept in some form, offered as additional gift in mp3 or removed completely. #1 is our wish, #2 is compromise, #3 is legal stance of team mentioned by Voltage

So as we know already that Simeon’s work will also make it to the game I wanted to say that I like that music, it fits the scenery and mood. But you know, what I like the most? I can’t get rid of Technician Heal ability sound from my mind. I don’t know why, but I think it is fantastic! :smiley: Maybe it works like that with the animation and FX and it makes me want to use it all the time. It looks like teleport with the healing effect, maybe some resemblance to the Star Trek teleport from childhood. Hard to say, but i really admire it. :slight_smile:

I agree with this.

As for the underlying issue, not sure why they would try to change the overall feel after the positive reception of the backer build music.

At the time the backer build music was placeholder because the all the music for the final game had been contracted to John Broomhall, which means they had to use his music by law.

Said contract has been renegotiated so that Simeon’s music can be added in.

This is not correct. Law had nothing to do with it.