What Is the Strength of Berserkers?

I get berserkers are melee guys, but what is their advantage over an assault with a shotgun? The assault has the overpowered dash, so I tend to prefer him.

the answer is simple, combination of dash, adrenaline rush and rapid clearance. you dont need nine magazines in the backpack

  • move further
  • take less damage when attacked
  • make more damage to armored enemies, and when hurted they “just” make more damage
  • can’t be disabled

Of course I still prefer assault over berserker, even while I try to not abuse assault skills beyond reasonable limits.

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Berserkers cannot dash, at least until you double class them to assaults, and now you can give them a shotgun; their powerful looking 150 damage cannot kill a common 160 hps triton o crab and i havent seen the stun proc in some ten attacks i did while a point blank shotgun shot will easily kill them

At least at low level they are very weak and if it’s true that their limbs cannot be disabled their weapons can; probably once you start finding many armored enemies they become stronger and more useful.

Well… you want to double everyone with assault anyway… sssooo…

I will check it at home but I was sure they have some melee buffs, I was able to clear the entire map at the single turn.
But even if… with a rapid clearance you have +2 AP per kill, while a single blow costs you 1AP.
but anyway, with assault readiness skill I can always have a shotgun in my backpack for more resilient AHoles.

So you have to wait level 4 before having dash while an assault gets it at level 2

Not 100% sure but hammering costs 2 AP; were just 1 you would be able to strike twice after the 2 AP move and 150*2 is enough to kill most low level aliens.
Havent tried the berserkr a lot, just a few missions with a single berserkr, and leveling him was a pain.

adrenaline rush brings every action to cost of 1AP

So the berserkr is like the heavy: weak at start, slow to level and a killing machine once high

Wouldn’t qualify the heavy as a killing machine. Or I really need to learn to use it. Assault however…

Early game - Armor Break. The single most reliable way to shred armor (because Weak Spot is bugged [haven’t tested as of 5.48579] and only works on the very first shot fired in a mission by the soldier in question): give them a standard phoenix pistol and 8 will (you’ll want more later) and you can tear off even a NJ Heavy’s armor so your assaults can just one shot 'em.

Berserker/Assault - Rapid Clearance, Dash, Adrenaline Rush, Bloodlust, max speed stat, 13 Will, (Ready For Action, ideally, as well). Intentionally wound your Berserker to half health or less and watch that 140 damage hammer start hitting for 200+ (more if we have Expert Melee), cost 1 AP, and refund 2 AP on kill. Not to mention you’ll have 50+ action points (before the % division into 4 AP) letting you take like 12 steps per 1 AP which lets you Dash to one cluster of enemies and kill every single one (short of maybe Sirens/Chirons unless you’re also packing a Shotgun) while coming out with more Will and AP without any ammo used.

The big thing about this combo is the time saved in not needing to Quick Aim/Dash to micromanage your AP/Will regen and not bothering to aim your shotgun at the most tender bits to ensure a kill. You just smash and go.

Of course, like the standard Assault/Sniper with a Shotgun, the combo is weak to Arthrons with MGs (when there’s like 30 of them) because Return Fire. Doubly so if you intentionally wound yourself (great way to end up dead).

But, less specifically, the key skills they bring to any multi-class is, well, all of them. Armor Break lets you shred armor. Close Quarters lets you endure more damage at close range (kind of meh). Bloodlust effects ALL damage you put out and lets you move further (core). The pain skill (Pain Tolerance?) makes you immune to Panic, Mind Control, AND lets disabled limbs remain functioning. Have you ever had a soldier survive having most of their limbs disabled? They end up with like 20 max HP. Not a /Berserker. Adrenaline Rush lets Snipers and Heavies just unload with AP costly attacks (admittedly about as much as a /Assault would with Snipers).


Very informative, thanks.

Out of curiosity: at an advanced campaign stage will he get something better than his hammer?

You can find a sword (don’t remember the name). It deals only 100 damage but costs only 1 AP. Of course with adrenaline rush it’s also 1AP for the hammer. Haven’t found anything else yet.

skin peeler - will provide screenshot one I got it again

Adrenaline Rush is the final skill so a less damaging but 1 AP weapon has some use; probably it weights also less than the warhammer even if i havet had till now encumbrance problems apart the heavy that goes around with cannon, launcher and a pistol.
Anyway nothing able to break an egg with a single strike or fancy like a lightsaber or powerful like the jet propelled hammer of Fallout.

What is the IMPACT 50 on the hammer, 50% chance to stun ?

Depends on the armor of enemy. But for non armored enemies it means that you stun all those who have maximum of 250 HP or less. With 20 armor on enemies it will stun only those who have maximu of 150 HP or less. So it is better to shred some armor if you want to stun. :wink:

OK but i cannot aim the strike at an unarmored body part like i can do with the rifle. Is it random where i hit or is there some targeting rule?

It is, with the exception that melee unit can’t attack part which it can’t see.

Like bullets, i cannot aim the left arm if i’m facing his right flank. Guess also that i cannot hit parts i cannot reach like the abdomen of Charons

True. (limit of char)