What is the point of Reinforcment zones

When fighting pandorans, they all spawn on the map. What is the point of those zones anyway. They only work on lairs/nests. Why do we have to fight 30 pandorans at the same time. When fighting The Pure only initially 4 units spawned then every turn few more units spawned. Why can enemies retreat at any zone and not at the reinforcment zones. Why enemies can easily retreat while my units most of the time spawn at the oposite site of the extraction zone.

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That’s not always the case even outside nests/lairs.

I would think because Pandorans can simply run off “into the woods” while your team has to run to an aircraft at a specific landing zone.


Never seen them use reinforcments except for nests/lairs and ambushes.

I have, in various other missions. It happens in base defense and haven defense missions, just to mention a few examples. Sometimes I think that I am playing a completely different game all together. How many full play throughs have you done since the release? Hopefully at least 4 and on various levels.

I’m only playing on Legend and I have few playthroughs. The only time during heaven defence I saw reinforcments being used was for Medium The Pure invasion, but that is it. Pandorans are alaways in full number. Be it random encounter, special mission, scavenge.