What do I gain from different mission types?

I`m thinking especially from missions against factions.

There are several missions available: Sabotage, stealing and so on.
What do I get by those different kinds?

For doing faction missions against factions, you get increased favor with the faction requesting the mission (and dis-favor from the faction attacked). Stealing from a faction gets you what you steal (research, tech, materials, food).

And sabotage missions?

Sabotage missions are requested by a faction. You get favor with that faction and lose favor from the attacked faction. I don’t recall getting anything else, other than the odd crate/ammo/weapon left at the end of the mission.

You can do the sabotage missions even without a task by a faction. So without that task I get simply nothing but bad reputation by the raided faction?

Since I don’t raid or do faction missions against other factions (since my first play through), I’m not positive. However, I don’t recall seeing sabotage sans a faction requesting one, only raid.

Can some more knowledgeable player help out?

Is there a difference between raiding a faction and stealing things/tech from them?