Let me loot every enemy

We all know, that ressources are very scarce in PP.
In a normal campaign I do about 30 raid missions against NJ or Syn.

But it feels only sligthly rewarding, since enemys only seldom drop anything.


In X-Com Defense you earn, what you shoot down. All the loot.
Please add this.

At least give some materials. Missions without gaining something in return makes the game very unfun. Because you need to go for more missions t get resources even to rearm your squad.

Which missions would that be? Most missions grant a pretty substantial rewards. The ones that don’t would be alien base raids (which give rep bonus and erase alien base and on first time grant a pretty substantial research - those are good enough in themselves.) and ambushes - which by design aren’t in player’s favour.

Story missions, LoA missions, sabotage missions. There are tons of story missions if you include all DLC’s. LoA missions, capturing and defending which you use most of ammunition. You make many missions for factions for nothing too.

Yes all of those missions give you something else sometimes but it’s not an excuse for me. You don’t get working loot maybe but those enemies got armors and weapons… you can scrap them at some degree. There are tons of missions to do already so you try to balance your economy at other hand.

It’s not impossible… just annoying… grinding…

  • AFAIK, for all normal story missions you get a bunch of resources.
  • For the LotA mission you get a) the blueprint for a tech or b) a site where you then mine the new resources or that you let build the new weapons. And the weapons are pretty cheap compared to the regular ones … and never need any ammo.
  • For sabotage missions you get reputation gain but also resources, just look at the result screen.
  • Which missions for factions are you doing for nothing? I don’t know any …

I can’t tell you exactly which ones now but half of the missions I do, gave nothing now at my play.

LotA weapons are different thing. You need story missions, mining missions, defending missions, mining and holding the sites to manufacture those cheap weapons. All those missions are getting all my resources as I am using most of fire power at those missions… and even I hold 4 of them, I still can’t manufacture a weapon… when It asked me to have a special site to manufacture one, I just gave up… As we talk about this DLC somewhere else, we don’t need to talk about that here.

A hard missions makes me lose 250 material to about 100 tech… If I lose a weapon, it’s much more. Just 2 of those missions without any resource back cripples you enough.

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drages is talking about items as rewards, not resources. I don’t get much items from drops too.

I’m a fan of recovering everything as loot simply because it’s fun, I would love it if the game was balanced for it instead of the opposite. However, if it’s not really feasible, at least upping the drop chance in lower difficulties could help.

Yup, I miss the loot. It didn’t feel as bad as you have described it (but I haven’t played much since first DLC) in terms of risk-reward, but lack of worthwhile post battle loot is something I miss as well. I remember late game salvage missions to be the most disappointing and I’ve had to ignore most of them on sight. Huge risk, little to no reward.

PS. You can tell Charon I will finish the Wiki Generator for X-Division at some point. He just have to wait few years more… :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha x division. I need to mod xenonauts 2 and pp too. Got plans for open xcom but we will see. Balancing maths burn my brain.