What becomes of remaining ammo post mission?

How precise is this game counting bullets? I’m aware that we get “free” ammo due to a bug provided we do not reload. However this bug will be fixed according to UV.

Once that occurs, will this be like the original X-com, where every clip that is not full will be discarded? Or are there plans to make it more like how OpenXcom did it, where all remaining ammo is tallied up into full clips with the left-overs being discarded?

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I believe the plan is for the latter to happen, but I’m not sure.

That said, I highly doubt that any ammo will get discarded, especially considering the setting

I suppose that there will be option for half-empty magazines to be merged and what will be left can be refilled for resources.

If it’s possible this suggestion is the best option in my view.

IRL one wouldn’t discard any rounds or even empty clips. Unless the burden of sluggin it around becomes an issue. But in our missions it doesn’t seem that time without support is a problem, like for instance special ops missions behind enemy lines.

Personally, I’d prefer that clips or at least non-empty clips are simply reloaded post mission. You can easily handwave it as “of course you found a handful of spare rounds on site”. Just seems a little TOO micromanagey to deal with clip consolidation to me. Not a deal breaker in any case, though.


Totally agree. It might be realistic… but realistic does not mean enjoyable to play. Hopefully they find the balance between realism and fun.

old X-COM was not fun to play?

Old xcom was fantastic to play, the amount of hours I sunk into xcom apoc! With all the modern games that came out, I still went back and played it every couple years. New games just don`t have all those levels of gameplay…


Then the new xcom came out and very cleverly removed all the needless Micromanagement. It was even better to play. Remove all the boring stuff between the action that everyone enjoyed the most.

I tried to go back to xcom apoc one or twice after the new xcoms. The micromanagement just kills it. I guess when the old game style was the only option, we put up with the excess micromanagement, just to get to the best parts. I was a fan of the micro detail, until seeing how much better the game style is with out it.

True, it streamlined management, but I would still love to have that option to manage different ammo types, produce it, throw it into cargo space and backpacks, sell/trade excessive ammo, combine half empty magazines. Maybe it won’t take too much time to frustrate other players.

Good point! I would like the ammo types in the game. The only part of the micro I really miss is the ammo types.

The auto cannon, switching from AP/ incendiary/ explosive was one of my favourite things in the old game. It was the one size fits all weapon of the game because of the ammo.

The incendiary was fun, but could be a total PITA when it burnt down a friendly building. I dont think that will be such an issue in PP. Accidentally burning down a rusty ruin, is not as expensive as a brand new hi tech facility. I dont think it will have the same repercussions.

The new xcoms tried to bring ammo back but taking up a weapon slot and only using that single choice of ammo let it down.

Until you burn down an allied Haven.

Ooops. (You did it again!)

Of course it was, but it’s not like it didn’t have its moments of tedium and BS just like any other game.

Edit: To address dazz, and more of the discussion… Firax xcom ditched the micromanagement… In my opinion both the good AND the bad. Base management was a very fun part of original xcom for me, as well as shuffling resources and such. It absolutely had its annoying moments as well, though.

Ammo types are definitely something that adds to both games, so have to agree there.

For my part, I just would rather not deal with individual ammo and magazine management. Different mags, that sort of stuff is fine to me. I really just feel like the game would be better served with auto reloading partial mags after combat, or straight eliminating them. Auto-combine isn’t terrible, but I feel like that would lead to having to hunt around specifically for who wound up with the full ones and who needs a new one.

One other option that just popped into my head is if we can deal with inventory while transport is moving across map, may take a little edge off of dealing with mags like that, for me at least.

There will be saving load out for each soldier. So it will refill full magazines, consumables like grenades and broken equipment in base.

Half empty magazines will go to base storage. There you will have a button to combine them and second button to refill (for a cost) those which are not full.

If there will be anything missing to refill load out you will be notified. So don’t worry about searching for missing slot or empty magazine.

That certainly sounds workable.

100% agree, that is the part of micro I think we can all do without. That is the part of the old games that was just tedium between the fights. I think adding too much micro to a game these days turns away a lot of potential players… Then again, I might just be getting old.

This is good news. The auto load out is a great option. I hope the manufacture of equipment is streamlined too. Manually selecting and making every bit of equipment needed can be a PITA when you are busy getting other more pressing things. I hope it includes a “just make the missing kit automatically” and “only tell me if I run out of supplies to make kit” option.

Very good point, I forgot about that. I liked the ant nest look of the new games but nothing was as good as the originals. Laying out the base to make sure you could defend it when needed. That was a whole extra hidden layer of the game we needed to be smart about.

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