What are your mid game go-to tactics?

Early game I pretty much just try to use up all the initial bullets/gear I have, but eventually you reach a point where you can choose to make a lot of new equipment and have a variety of classes to select from.

My extremely silly but effective take is to make hel canons for everyone. I love the damage and the daze. With assaults I can usually dash once into a hel canon to the face for good damage. Also with the DLC there are so many armored goons with the Pure and Forsaken that assault rifles have never been worse. I find sniper rifles a bit too weak for my liking but the hel canon is where it’s at. I’m sure I’ve missed many viable strategies; what do you guys go for with all the balance changes and such?

I like the hel cannon very much, in great part because it makes ARs and shotguns brutally effective.

As pure damage dealers the deceptor is better.