Shooting Cover right in front of you

For the most part, I find that overwatch works well. However, I find it particularly irritating when my soldiers empty a burst into the cover they’re hiding behind because they’re apparently too dumb to remember that it’s in the way.


Not only with overwatch, it sometimes happen to aimed shots too. Hopefully fixed in final.



Had this happen today, aiming a shotgun around a corner at an enemy in an adjacent tile. It was so close I just clicked ‘Fire Weapon’ and shot the damn cover. Definitely needs a second look.

I find this happens a lot with the Hel II cannon. So much so that i just stopped using it altogether. The only way to get any use out of the thing seems to be to step completely out of cover, which often leaves you no way to return to it on the same turn. I accept that this is supposed to be a trade off, but my heavies usually just end up as bullet sponges, and the ‘slow and steady’ approach of just rostering assaults and snipers seems to yield more reliable results. Later, when the grenade launcher becomes available it’s a different story.

I did return to the Hel II a couple of times, and in the right hands it really does have its moments, but I find that the stars have to be aligned precisely, and the wind needs to be blowing in the exactly the right direction, even to get a hit with it, often at point blank.

Personally, I’m a fan of the Hel cannon, but it’s mostly a close-range weapon. You do need to choose your positions wisely. It gets much more effective when you take the sniper path upgrade and use quick aim, which improves its accuracy substantially. 180 damage + stun + cover destruction + ability to damage multiple targets makes it a great weapon, IMO. That said, the early level whiff factor can be frustrating.

Oh - does Quick Aim improve accuracy? I thought it just reduced AP cost?

Yes, it improves accuracy significantly as well.

OK, thanks. Seems counter-intuitive, but in a game where a disabled head means nothing, I should have expected as much. :wink: